The Second Wave of Covid-19 Starts in Bangladesh


The second wave of Covid-19 has started in Bangladesh. The second wave of Coronavirus has hit Bangladesh and the health department has taken necessary steps to deal with the impact, Health Minister Zahid Malek said on Wednesday.

Speaking at an event in the capital Dhaka, Zahid Malek said: “The second wave of coronavirus infection has started in the country and the health department, including doctors and nurses, has taken necessary steps at the local level to deal with it.”

Channel 24 quoted the minister as saying that the government has not yet decided on the lockdown in the epidemic.

Experts believe that if people do not follow health guidelines, the rate of infection may increase. Of course, in winter, more and more people gather at social events in South Asian countries.

Prominent virologist Mostaq Hossain told the Anadolu Agency that there is still no scientific definition of the second wave of coronavirus, and that the infection re-emerges after reaching its lowest point. And, when the daily infection rate drops below 5% or 10%, we can say that the infection rate has dropped. In this case, the infection is still visible in Bangladesh and it is still not below 10%. He added that the virus had nothing to do with summer or winter.

However, in winter, the country holds many rallies and social events that need to be controlled or the infection could spread further, he warned.

Dr. Mohiuddin Ahmed Khan, a hematologist and member of the National Technology Advisory Committee on Corona, expressed similar concerns.

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He expressed concern over the reluctance of the people to abide by the safety guidelines set by the government, saying “the number of incomplete patients is increasing and more people could be infected in the winter.”

On Monday, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said Corona could cause major damage to Bangladesh in winter and directed the administration to prepare in advance for the second wave.

Source: Channel 24 / Bangladesh.

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