FORMER JACKSON POLICE OFFICER JAMES THOMAS SHOT DEAD IN NORTHWEST ATLANTA A piece of heartbreaking news is coming from Atlanta where a deputy got killed. The news took place on 29th December 2022 and when this news came on the internet, everyone started talking about it and started posting about him. Social media is flooded with condolence posts for his family. The deputy officer’s name was James Thomas. Here in this article, you will get to know about the whole incident.

Who Was James Thomas?

James Thomas was born in 1998 and was 24 years old at the time of his death. He was spotted and killed by the shooter. He was in a car and was off duty when got killed. As per the report, He was an active member of the Black LGBT social club and professionally he was working as a Deputy. According to the reports he was killed in the early morning on Thursday at 4:30 AM. Pat Labat the sheriff of Fulton County, GA personally hired him.

After the crime, in a police statement, they said that they reached the crime scene around 4:30 AM and took James to the hospital but doctors claimed that he was dead already. Further, they said that at the crime scene they found James sitting in his crashed car’s driving seat. Also, they are not sure yet if he was shot before or after the crash. In a statement, Peter Malecki the investigator of Atlanta police said “the van spotted the victim’s vehicle kind of traveling recklessly in the middle of the road on Bolton Road.”

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