Restored Republic via GCR Update as of january 2, 2023

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Restored Republic via GCR Update as of january 1, 2022, Cody note a global currency reset. Bruce received confirmation that Tier Four b us the Internet group will be notified Monday afternoon to jan or twos before noon, with exchanges beginning twos afternoon. 3 January, several intel providers, including Snake and Captain Kyle, were saying that everything on the global currency reset was programmed to go right after January 1, 2023, when Basel Four hit along with the QFs and Nizara slash Jazzara.

Twos 27 December Marks the Central Bank of Iraq has frozen accounts and we’re not letting people withdraw or deposit until January 2, 2023. Thursday, 29 December mark Z I am still hearing great things that this will be our last few days and our last poor weekend.

None of us know for certain, but the chatter is exceptionally good. Medical debt was being erased in Ohio and Illinois is your town next. Rumors are it’s going to spread to Pennsylvania. They are buying your debt at a discount. Where is the money coming from?

erhaps this is a slow rollout of Nizra. Friday 30 December marks still hearing everywhere from us in the banks on the second, to us in the banks by the 14th. We just know it’s close. We know they are moving forward quickly. Iraqi citizens have been celebrating their revaluation.

According to their domestic news announcements, nazira slash Jazzara was said to have started Sunday to Monday, 25 26 December. Many Social Security recipients have received letters showing a significant increase in their checks beginning January 1, 2023. Sunday, January 1, 2023 would begin the Golden Jubilee year across the globe. It was the goal to have all currencies of the world exchanging at a one to one with each other by March 2023, a situation expected to last up to five years. Be thursday, 29 December the Big Call by Bruce complete intel narration we have some pretty cool intel tonight.

I believe we get restitution money trading of the birth certificates and all other bonds in our names. Those have been calculated to be paid back to us. And in addition to that, underneathra taxes paid interest on any loans, basically any bank loan, not personal loans, all payable back to you from for 61 and older, starting on the 16th January and then the next age group, 48 to 60, done sometime in February, starting at the 24 years of age, which might be in the month of March. 2448 years olds. And with that would also be a requirement for you not to quit your job.

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So will be really interesting. So I know I’m preaching to the choir, but everybody in the US who is a citizen will get this and something they will really look forward to if you’re on SS, it will probably come as a direct deposit, but this is completely separate. So the amount, let’s say average $100,000 for the next eleven years of payments starting mid Jan. Now the lesser groups I don’t know those averages. Chances are the more you’ll get because of the length of those bonds have been traded no bondholders.

There are monies moving into bondholders accounts as we speak and activated in the amount I’ve heard is quadraceptillion dollars. That ends up a number in front of 33 zeros. A big tranche of funds taking place thurs slash free and Saturday and then another email for Monday at noon should get access and certainly by Tuesday gain access and use those funds. The 1% of the total, which is substantial. Now, the bondholders money is a structured payout not for us in T four B, only for the bondholders.

Bruce thinks there are eleven different payments. It’s interesting because we’ve talked about the shotgun start for them to gain access and then for us to set appointment and gaining access for the first 90 days and with our projects and we’ve talked about how much we could put in for the first 90 days and also that book who we must not fund. But if you do give to those on that list, your accounts will be frozen. So please do not do that. Might be more than 55 pages now.

So where we are now so bondholders Monday slash Tuesday and we have a situation have people talking to them about this and bank screens showing active rates on the front screens for a few days now. Dash.

So unless pending are flashing and they have been good to go. So they’ve been up and down, but some of our contacts and sources have gone in and talked about this. Dash so a WF regular branch said Thursday or Friday, but to be perfectly honest, you should come back Tuesday when the contract rate is up. Wow, so there is a contract rate and they are willing to offer that to us even if we’re a Zim holder. Dash it’s really cool to think it is.

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And another source went to Chase and told almost the same thing, can’t do it today, but come back Tuesday and the contract rate will be available. Dash you know where the front screen roughly was, which Dr. Shabbi said, but now check to see what northbrandt crude oil is now per barrel and that will give you an idea. So my belief based on that and other people that we have talked to, we have basic confirmations for Wednesday, so notifications Monday. So first exchange is Tuesday evening and then we go from there.

Dash now where your depends on how long the RC will be open. Part of the reason we didn’t go this year was the starlink system wasn’t totally integrated. And Bruce did mention those three countries and also all banks globally need to be basel for compliant by Sunday first their doors shuttered and the electricity turned off and they will be finished. So the push is on to make sure that compliance is meet. So that’s been the hold up.

So the concept is mid March, all the currencies in the world should be on par with the US dollar being on par or equal to the dollar. Any country, all countries will be raised up a total level playing field around the world and we are expecting an announcement from Charlie Ward for Jazzar and nazara. We don’t know who will announce that for us. Dash and also as parks for South America and also talking about Africa and Zimbabwe will be basically the wealthiest country in the world and all of Africa will be brought up to a much, much higher standard. How about Tesla free energy?

Well, it’s not that far away and already the cell towers are refitted to that end. Ceres toward republic. We are defeating the New World Order 2022 was the year conspiracy theories became facts. It has been confirmed that the CIA was behind the 2014 coup in Ukraine that killed hundreds of innocent men, women and children in order to install a Nazi New World Order government. Dash the reason for Putin’s so called invasion of Ukraine that was done in order to destroy US incorporated deep state bioweapon labs, rescue children found in tunnels beneath biden on Ukrainian property and save the Ukrainian people.

Michelle and Barack Obama, George Bush and the Rock have been executed at Gitmo for child rape, torture, adrenochrome harvesting, cannibalism and treason. The Pentagon, CIA and other US intelligence and law enforcement agencies have been deeply involved in censorship of the American people for the benefit of the leftist agenda. According to recently released Twitter files, the dangerous chemical hydrofluorosylic acid is regularly added to the water supply in the US.

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Victoria Secrets models, female porn stars and celebrities from kings, queens, princesses, presidents, prime ministers and dictators are all men or trannies. A recent study showed that each day 7500 Americans are killed or disabled as vaccines take a heavy toll in the US.

Proponents of the New World Order One led everywhere because we are electromagnetic beings and they can manipulate us using light, TV monitors, etc. The CIA, in cooperation with M 15, developed the Samsung Smart TV’s Fake off mode, which records conversations and sends them over the internet to a covert CIA server.

QAnon the Great Awakening on Telegram according not only to NASA, but a team of Russian scientists as well. The moon reacts to objects striking it, landing on it as if it were hollow. It is said to ring in its surface ripple just one day after Tate exposed Greta to Bergen, her lies and the globalist lies to brainwash teens into climate change to tax the sun for being too hot.

The number one searched man in the worldwide net, Tate, was arrested the next day for human trafficking. It’s no coincidence that the globalist and Rockefellers Rothschild, who created climate change back in early 19 hundreds at Bohemian Grove created climate change through Greta. And Bear great grandfather’s Vante Archenius created greenhouse theory after being part of Bohemian Grove gatherings and was placed by Rockefeller’s family as greenhouse gaskeru. So it’s no coincidence the DS came after Tate after he exposed Greta as brainwashing teens into the climate hoax, and then saying using these teens to bring in the taxation of human civilization because the sun is too hot. Man, that was quick.

How the Deep State Cabal arrested Tate is everything he says goes viral. The Brunson brothers have gained a hearing from the Supreme Court on their petition that revolves around the question did Congress honor their oaths to protect the Constitution when a foreign entity tried to change the vote in the 2020 election? In fact, 100 Congress people filed election fraud.

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