Brain-Dead Biden’s War On Truckers, Refrigerators, Oil, Coal… And YOU

Brain-Dead Biden is doing his level best to destroy every sector of what makes life livable for the middle and lower classes. He’s attempting to destroy our ability to heat our homes and drive our cars, he’s working to destroy the industries that grow and bring us our food, and he’s even trying to make our home appliances too expensive for us to afford.

Brain-Dead Biden wants two classes of people in the U.S., the ultra-rich who are in his pocket, and the poor who will be the rest of us. The rest of us being the ones he has saddled with debt, denuded of jobs, and impoverished.

Just before Christmas, the Biden Environmental Protection Agency finalized a rule that it calls a “key step toward accelerating zero-emissions future,” and part of “the historic Clean Truck Plan, which is moving America’s highly polluting heavy-duty trucking fleet towards low-carbon and electric technologies.”

Enforcement of course will mean fewer trucks on the road. For many drivers, the cost of working under the new regime will be too high.

“Truckers and manufacturers warn that the rule is too stringent and costly, and that compliance could send higher prices through the economy that is already suffering from high energy costs and high inflation,” says the Institute for Energy Research.

The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association warns that “if small business truckers cannot afford the new, compliant trucks,” they will keep their older, less-efficient trucks, or simply “leave the industry entirely.”

Fewer trucks will force shipping prices higher, which will cause retail prices to rise. But the ruling class doesn’t care. Its snobbish members don’t see the poor whose grocery bills will take up an even larger portion of their meager incomes. Nor do they want to think about truckers, whom they look down on as grubby flyover peasants, even though truckers move to market everything from non-GMO greens to high-end yoga pants that the elites don’t want to live without.

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But suffice to say that Brain-Dead Biden and the radical, anti-American leftists he has ensconced in government fully intend to make life harder on Americans, not better or easier.

He and his criminal administration are “progressives” in the new sense of the word. Meaning, they are actually regressive and want to take us back to the stoneage.

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