BREAKING: Ukrainian Military Suffered Heavy Losses In Russian Strike In Druzhkovka, DPR


At night, Russian missile hit the military target in the village of Druzhkovka in the Donetsk People’s Republic which remains under control of Ukrainian military.

The strike took place right at the moment of an on air broadcast by French TV reporter. The locals also filmed the destruction.

In its daily briefing, the Russian Ministry of Defence confirmed the strike and revealed the target.

n Druzhkovka, Russian missiles hit a railway station where an echelon with MLRS “Himars” launchers, Czech “Vampire” MLRS and ammunition for them was destroyed. In addition, it is reported that mobilized Ukrainian servicemen who were supposed to reinforce the AFU units that had suffered serious losses near Bakhmut arrived to the station on this echelon. As a result of the attack, the AFU suffered heavy losses.

As a result of missile and air strikes on a cluster of military equipment near the Druzhkovka railway station in the Donetsk People’s Republic, two launchers of multiple rocket launchers “HIMARS” made in the USA; four combat vehicles of multiple rocket launchers RM-70 “Vampire” Czech production; more than 800 rockets to multiple rocket launchers; six cars, as well as up to 120 Ukrainian servicemen were destroyed, – the report of the Russian MOD reads.

As a  result of the attack, an ice stadium located nearby was destroyed. Russian sources supposed that it was used for accommodation of Ukrainian soldiers. In their turn, Ukrainian sources deny that the facility was used for military purposes and shared video showing the destruction. As a result, Ukrainian media showed burned mattresses inside the ice stadium which were likely used by Ukrainian military then by Ukrainian hockey players. It is not clear wether the ice stadium was targeted by Russian missile or it was hit by missiles that exploded at the railway station after Russian attack.

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