Restored Republic via GCR Update as of 5 January, 2023

Restored Republic via GCR Update as of 5 January, 2023, the latest video will be shown earlier at the official website restored Republic dot Co judy Note shocking video about the election. On New Year’s Eve, Trump was scheduled to make an important announcement at his Mar a Largo estate said to be the present White House. But not one reporter from the mainstream media showed up.

Then when he started to talk, no one could hear him and his mic was soon cut off. SG Anon and 107 reported that that night the MSM walked into a trap set by the alliance. They walked into the trap.

Thanks. SG anon 107 Derek Johnson Trump Announcement wrap uplift December 31 on December 28, 2022, SpaceX launched its 60th starlink satellite. On January 1, 2023, General Smith took command of the White Hats and vowed to eliminate traders. Putin and Xi were working together to bring down the US. Dollar in support of the official collapse of the BlackRock and Vanguard Cabal central banking system that controlled big tech, Big Pharma and the worldwide Pandemic.

As 209 nations of the world changed their currencies to a gold asset backed standard, we would see a worldwide switch to the quantum financial system and forgiveness of debt through implementation of Nazareth Jazzara. The NATO deep state was actively promoting World War III, especially in Eastern Europe. Russia, China and Saudi Arabia were leading the charge against the deep state. Poland, Finland and Baltic states. Underground tunnels needed to be cleaned out, but deep state forces within those countries were preventing such.

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The alliance military was working on the destruction of underground dumbs and networks worldwide, especially in Africa. Right now, all dumps were being flooded. Reports coming in that Washington DC smells like a huge sewage dump. Due to using the Potomac River to flood tunnels beneath the White House and national capital, mass arrests of Satan worshiping global elites were taking place worldwide. We would soon see an official announcement that the IRS and Fed were gone.

Space Force has taken over the Department of Defense military satellite system. Destruction of the CIA and Kazaryan Mafia headquarters beneath Lake Geneva, Switzerland. President Trump will be reinstated. Demonic abusers exposed. The masses are finally seeing it. A patriot. I find this fascinating. This year is the year of the Water Rabbit. Or just the rabbit. According to the Chinese calendar, this happens every 60 years.

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The last year was 1963 when Kennedy was assassinated. They waited until 63 years later to finish this shit. Amazing. A the Brunson brothers have gained a hearing from the Supreme Court on their petition that revolves around the question did Congress honor their oaths to protect the Constitution when a foreign entity tried to change the vote in the 2020 election? In fact, 100 Congress people filed election fraud complaints, but Congress refused to investigate before they certified the 2020 election.

A positive ruling on the Brunson case could take down the Biden administration and all of Congress. Holly, my 6th interview with Lloyd Brunson yesterday a call to Action 107 did you send your letters? Imagine if SCOTUS received 1 million letters from ordinary Americans. Would that indicate the pulse of the nation? How about if 10 million students, grandmas, aunts, moms and dads sent them a note of encouragement?

Another sample letter to the honourable nine Supreme Court justices. It is our prayer that you will rule in favor of Brunson v. Adams et al. Case 22 to 380 that requests Congress people uphold their oath of office to support our beloved Constitution. That oath included investigating possible intervention in our 2020 election by foreign entities, mainly the Chinese Communist Party.

By ignoring 100 officially registered complaints of possible election fraud before certifying the 2020 election, congress failed to protect the people and sanctity of our sacred votes in not only the 2020 election, but had cast doubt for the integrity of past and future elections. Elected officials who ignore their oath to support our beloved Constitution should be held accountable and do not deserve to hold office. Write attention to the nine Supreme Court Justices expressed support of Brunson v. Salma.

S. Adams et al. Number 22 380. Sign your name, date it and make a copy. Send the original in a stamped envelope. Address to Supreme Court of the United States, one First Street, Nebraska. Washington, DC 20543. Put the copy and $1 to say thanks and help in the fight and send in a stamped envelope to Lloyd Rollin, Brunson, 42 87 South Harrison Boulevard, number 130, 32 Ogden, Utah 84403.

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Your effort will not be in vain. Both the Supreme Court and the Brunsons were keeping track of and registering the letters. Well over 500 so far. B global Currency Reset Saturday 31 December marks chatter on the banking side is that we will start redemptions on Monday, 2 January or twos. 3 January iraq re opens their banks on Tuesday. Member on the big call Thursday night it was reported by two different people in different places that asked their banks if they were exchanging a QD yet. We’re told that the contract rate would be available on Tuesday.

One bank was WF and the other was Chase Marks. That checks out based on what I am hearing from banks. I have talked to contacts at HSBC, 5th, Third and the other one notch. A number of banking contacts are hearing the exact same thing. Bruce received confirmation that Tier four B US, the Internet Group will be notified Monday afternoon to Jan or twos before noon, with exchanges beginning twos afternoon.

3 January several intel providers, including Snake and Captain Kyle, were saying that everything on the global currency reset was programmed to go right after January 1, 2023 when Basel Four hit. Along with the QFs and Nizara slash Jazzara, iraqi citizens have been celebrating their revaluation. According to their domestic news announcements, Nizara slash Jazzara was said to have started Sunday to Monday, 25 26 December. Many Social Security recipients have received letters showing a significant increase in their checks beginning January 1, 2023. Sunday, January 1, 2023 would begin the Golden Jubilee year across the globe.

It was the goal to have all currencies of the world exchanging at a one to one with each other by March 2023, a situation expected to last up to five years. Friday, 30 December Goldilocks On December 16, 2022, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision Basel Committee, or BCBS, finalized a standard for banks to monitor and manage their exposure to crypto assets. The Crypto Standard this new banking standard is effective immediately. It will be known as the Crypto Standard. This final standard for the year has been given the green light to move forward on the new digital economy.

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From the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision friday, 30 December goldilocks this week, Citibank is just one of many banks preparing for January 121 23 when the new settings come into play. If you notice in the links provided for you, you will see valuation dates each month all the way up to 2027. This is real, my friends. The 100% gold mandate is just days away santa Browser central banks around the world are about to speed up the process of devaluing their currencies. This will drive the prices up for the commodity market and make the transition into a metal based economy.

This is why we are witnessing many tokens at this time beginning to tokenize gold and silver what is happening in the digital currency will soon happen in the paper money through currency intervention consumer spending is reaching all time lows. Remember this is 70% of the market. The way out is to raise purchasing power. When the markets go to real values, we will see a flip in the global economy and the path into gold will have just begun. Nazira Jazzar.

Ahmed beds and Q phones. 107 see international child sex trafficking organ and adrenochrome harvesting ring scientology leader nowhere to be found after charged with heinous child trafficking the tunnels found at McMarton preschool. A formal report will be released once forensic testing is complete. 45 foot long tunnel. Nine foot wide underground entrance found under west wall of dog room.

Pages 48 to 49 state that tunnels, pentagrams and bones were found in the McMarton Preschool. This is all part of a descriptive report shown below. Satanism in the History of the Satanic Panic documentary zionists are pure evil. We eat children of our enemies rabbi Finkelstein zionists are not true followers of the Jewish religion they are causalan Satanists who claim to be descendants of Cain. Netanyahu to release evidence of Washington pedophile Ring benjamin Netanyahu just declassified 400,000 documents that expose child trafficking and a child sex ring in Washington.

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