Why is the Government Moving in on Damar Hamlin’s Sudden Cardiac Event, witnessed LIVE by millions?

After being hauled off to a local hospital in Cincinnati following his sudden collapse on the field mid-game, Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin is now under surveillance by the federal government for some unknown reason.

In case you missed it, the 24-year-old NFL star went in for a tackle, stood up as if everything was fine, and proceeded to freeze and fall backwards. Hamlin had to be taken away by ambulance after first responders were unsuccessful in trying to treat him on-field.

All we know currently is that Hamlin is in critical condition. Very little is being said about what happened to him, though speculation is circulating that Hamlin suffered a covid “vaccine”-related cardiac event. (Related: Covid jabs also cause AIDS.)

The corporate media is avoiding all talk of the jab, of course, blaming other things like a possible head injury – or how about the claim by Riyaz Manjiyani, PT, DPT, that Hamlin suffered “a vasovagal syncope phenomenon where a stressful trigger leads to a sudden drop in HR and BP?”

What is even stranger are new reports that “the Fed” has gotten involved. We are told that federal government agencies “got startled & brought in additional resources because Brain-Dead Biden is coming on Wednesday & they didn’t want ‘trouble’ if Hamlin were to die under mysterious circumstances.”

“I personally followed several of these vehicles to one of the locations before being forced away,” one local reporter stated about this odd convoy of D.C. spooks that followed Hamlin’s ambulance to the hospital.

Will Damar Hamlin ever play football again?
So little is being said about Hamlin that one local reporter, attempting but failing to find more information on-site, threw her script on the ground and walked off cursing, according to NFT Tech co-founder Mario Nawfal.

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What are “they” trying to hide concerning Hamlin? Will he be okay, or are his complications so serious that the current NFL season is threatened by the potential that he will no longer be able to play?

Keep in mind that what took place during this widely televised event has only happened one other time – 51 years ago when Chuck Hughes died after collapsing on the field.

Other than that, no NFL player has ever died on the field. And while we do not yet know the status of Hamlin, it seems ominous that there is so much government interest in keeping his status a secret while reporters stand out in the cold wondering without answers.

“No player has died directly resulting from an on-field injury in over 51 years, so the fact we’ve come this close to potential tragedy is exceptionally noteworthy,” Nawfal tweeted.

“There is massive speculation about the cause of Hamlin’s collapse, and it seems a heart problem is the cause. These players undergo vigorous physicals very regularly, so what caused this sudden assumed heart issue is yet to be determined.”

One of Nawfal’s latest tweets further confirms that the U.S. government has set up “outposts” near the UC Medical Center for Hamlin “is currently in critical condition.”

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“Feds coming in to hide and obfuscate the jab probably being involved,” speculated one commenter about why the Feds are all over this case. “Have the President in Cheat come in to change the narrative.”

Another wrote that he believes the jab was not “probably” involved, but definitely involved.

“The fact he cannot breathe on his own is not good,” added someone else. “Something just not smelling right here and probably why NFL called timeout to regroup. Prayers for Hamlin.”

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