Trump’s Tax Returns Show Evil Of The Income Tax

The final act of the Democrat majority on the House Ways and Means Committee was to make public several years of Donald Trump’s tax returns, which the Committee obtained after a prolonged legal battle. The tax returns confirmed that, despite being one of the richest people in America, Donald Trump paid very little in federal … Read more

Sinikiwe Mpofu Cause of Death? Lady Chevrons Pioneer’s Sinikiwe Mpofu Passed Away

A piece of news came on the web that Sinikiwe Mpofu passed away in Zimbabwe at 9 am after she collapsed. She took her last breath at the age of 37. This news is getting circulated on the web. This sad news has made people devasted and shocked. People are very sad at this time. … Read more

Nick Fleming RVGCR Intel Update January 9, 2023

God bless all. Nick Fleming RVGCR Intel Update January 9, 2023. Latest video will be shown earlier at the official website. Mountain Goat article for the first time, central bank sales are devoid of foreign remittances. Quote the central bank sold today during its auction for buying and selling US dollars $43,500,000. They have … Read more

BREAKING: Terror Attack On Las Vegas Power Grid Covered Up By Media Blackout: Man Arrested For Arson And Terrorism!

The media has been silent on the recent terror attack on the Las Vegas power grid, which left a major solar power plant with significant damage and the potential for a two-year repair process. According to 8 News Now, Mohammad Mesmarian, a 34-year-old man, rammed his car through the gate of the Mega Solar Array … Read more

Republican Party Falling Apart? Rove Thinks So

Fox News contributor and former George W. Bush aide Karl Rove said that the infighting among House Republicans has led to a “disaster” over who the next Speaker is going to be. On Tuesday, Rove told Fox News’ Sandra Smith that those conservative Republicans who are opposing House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (Calif.) will need … Read more

Biden Confuses Public During Infrastructure Appearance

President Brain-Dead Biden has managed to confuse his audience yet again, after livening up a speech with what he clearly thought was an inspirational saying from his “old neighborhood.” The problem is nobody could work out what it was supposed to mean. Once again, people are wondering if Biden is mentally fit to run the … Read more

WATCH: Hunter’s Baby Mama Moves To Reveal EVERYTHING

Red State reports, Who in the world would pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for the works of a fledgling modern artist like Crackhead Hunter Biden? In an ongoing child support case where the recovering crack addict is requesting a reduction in his payments, the mother of one of his children has asked a court … Read more

BREAKING: City Tries To COVER UP Major Problem Before Biden Visit

The city of El Paso is putting its best face on for President Brain-Dead Biden who is finally making a visit to the Southern border. The city has been cleaning up migrant encampments that have been languishing, ahead of the president’s photo op visit, The New York Post reported. Encampments near the downtown bus station … Read more

JUST IN: Biden Make THE 2024 Announcement

President Brain-Dead Biden, who is 80 years old, is “all in” for campaigning to be reelected president in the next election. He would be a whopping 82 years old at he time of his inauguration should he win. And if he served the full term he would be 86 on his last day in office. … Read more

RIP: Adam Rich Cause of Death? Eight is Enough Star Passed Away, Family, Obituary

The youngest son on the hit show Eight Is Enough, Adam Rich passed away. He died at the age of 54. This news is getting viral on the web and getting the attention of the people. His death has been shared by A law enforcement source that he was found lifeless by an anonymous person … Read more