She Died In Her Hotel Room After Making A Horrible Mistake In The Bathroom….

A beautiful Welsh woman Chloe Haynes passed away early in September. Her body was discovered in a hotel room in a mysterious manner. Chloe, 21, was found dead in her room at the Britannia-run hotel by her friend in the early hours of September 10. Her mom, 49-year-old Nicola Williams believes her daughter tried to open the door of the heavy piece of furniture in the early hours possibly mistaking it for the bathroom or the exit.

Chloe, who had a twin brother and three other siblings, traveled to Liverpool from Hafan y Mor Haven Holiday Park in Pwllheli, North Wales, where she worked, for a night out. She was sharing a room at the city center hotel with her colleague, who found her body and raised the alarm.

Williams has vowed to uncover “every detail” of how her daughter – who she nicknamed Birdy – lost her life.

Williams said Chloe’s friend returned to the room in the early hours of the morning and was confronted with the horrific scene. She said he shouted to get help and two men from other rooms came to help lift the wardrobe off Chloe, but it was too late to save her life.

It was those three men who were initially questioned over Chloe’s death by police, before being released with no further action taken when the circumstances became clear. Merseyside Police have confirmed her death is being treated as “accidental”.

Williams said her daughter was enjoying her job waitressing in the holiday park, which also provided her accommodation as well, and was “living her best life”

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