House Resolution For A Bust Of Zelenskyy To Be Placed In US Capitol Proposed By A Republican

The proposal by a Republican lawmaker to honor Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy with a bust in the U.S. Capitol isn’t going over well with some who expressed dismay over the idea that a foreign leader would be honored in such a manner weeks after he appeared before a joint session of Congress to demand more money from American taxpayers.

On the day after the new Republican Party majority got to work after a tumultuous week during which the process to confirm Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House dragged on for days, Representative Joe Wilson of South Carolina somehow thought that the worship of Zelenskyy should be a top priority, introducing a resolution calling for the Fine Arts Board to procure a bust of the scruffy defender of western “democracy” to be displayed in the House of Representatives wing of the building.

“A House resolution was introduced two days ago to put a bust of Zelensky in the House wing of the Capitol building,” tweeted digital strategist Greg Price who brought attention to Wilson’s resolution. “No, I am not kidding.”

The idea that Zelenskyy, who didn’t even bother to shave and put on a suit for his visit to Washington, D.C .where he was treated like a conquering hero, could become a permanent fixture in the Capitol predictably did not go over well with many who have been critical of the endless shoveling of money into the war-torn country as Americans are suffering the effects of the worst inflation in four decades and an undeclared recession at home.

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“Absolutely NOT!” Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) wrote on Twitter. “We serve AMERICA NOT UKRAINE!”

“There is now a House resolution that seeks to put a display of Zelenskyy’s head in the US Capitol,” tweeted Representative Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) “Was the $100+ billion to Ukraine not enough?”

Also cool on the idea of the Zelenskyy bust was Fox News ratings king Tucker Carlson, a frequent critic of the global superstar who was appalled that the Ukrainian leader would show up for his grand pre-Christmas appearance on Capitol Hill dressed like a “strip club manager” to demand more money.

Other reactions from Twitter users might cause Representative Wilson to rethink his ill-advised resolution.

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