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God bless all Nick Fleming Rvgcr until update January 12, 2023. The latest video will be shown earlier at the official website. pimpy. I’m impressed with Al Sadini. This is not what I was expecting. I was expecting him to be another one of these clones of Maliki and embedded in corruption. So far it doesn’t seem that way. Mountain Goat Article governor of the Central Bank called on merchants to deal directly with banks. It’s about time the CBI wakes up to another source of the monetary problems plaguing Iraq. This effort will help so much in reducing speculation.

Thus the CBI will be able to control the exchange rate of the dinar. Remember that these street brokers and speculators are not going through the new platform to track corruption either in the exchange of dinners to dollars. So this effort is a win win for everyone. Marks via PDK one group of sources where it will happen between Wednesday and Saturday this week. Another one thinks it will happen between the 12th and the 17th.

I am just very confident it will happen this month. Any news on the dinar rate? Many rumors and chatter that I am way off on the dinar rate, that the rates may be significantly higher than I have been saying. I hope this is accurate. I don’t know if it’s because the dollar rates are starting to slide in value.

I have been hearing other rates but have been asked not to share them. If I get the go ahead, I will share rates article sudanese government obliges all its institutions to deal in Iraqi Dinar this is a good one to watch. This one is about dedolarization in Iraq. They are now forcing the government to run on Denar and Danae only dedolarization is going to be the theme coming out. This is important for them moving forward with the revaluation of their currency.

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Margarita I know everyone is excited, but right at the end of yesterday’s article, they are still coming out with a 20K note. All the article says it is modifying the structure of notes. The 20K would do that, I would think. I don’t see the word smaller notes. Not to mention the article says the singular denomination.

It isn’t plural. Wouldn’t smaller notes be more than one? Frank 26 ktfa Iraq Boots on the Ground Report Firefly today the US Fed explained more on those 60 banks and those fake airline tickets that they were selling to us. They’re saying more than 150,000,000 was being stolen by these banks. They would sell buy at 1460, then resale that to citizens at 1600.

Frank animals. Firefly. These 60 banks have been busted. Iraq wants to clean up and do what’s right so we can reward our citizens. But corruption must be dealt with.

Slash frank didn’t I say that was the reason why we don’t have the monetary reform? Because of the corruption of Iran? The only reason why they didn’t have the reinstitution of their currency was because of Iran. They’re not about to raise the value and let them continue to steal. They had to change their whole banking structure.

Honestly, I didn’t think it was going to take haul last year, but here we are. Name protected I called a local family owned bank where we have had an account for the last 34 years. I told the banker we would be exchanging some dinners in the very near future and wanted to know the fees for doing so. He told me most if not all of the locally owned banks would be sending their exchanges to the Frost Bank here in San Antonio. Frank this bank officer knows the procedure to exchange the Iraqi dinar.

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What did we tell you about banks being educated all around the world? This bank officer has no problems talking to our friend here. Name protected. The Frost Bank in San Antonio was at 3%. Frank that’s pretty good.

1-2-3 range. Name protected our bank would charge us only $34 career fee. He also said national banks such as Chase, bank of America, etc had their own departments and we would have to check with them on their rates. Frostbank seemed to be the big dog with the locally owned banks in San Antonio area. Frank remember I told you the CBI was getting ready and then I said you should too.

All the banks are ready. Emo walking Stick Ktfa via Frank 26 this action of monetary reform, education, especially the one restores confidence at the speed of light with the citizens. We would advise you don’t quit your job. The reason why is because this is a long process that still has steps to be done. They still have much to do.

It’s called the float. Sandy Ingram article iraq estimates 40% of population is aged below 15. The estimated population of Iraq for the years of 2022 is 42 million. Reason the government is overly concerned with such a large number of unemployed youth is because they have the time and the motivation to protest. It is a proven fact they can change the face of the Iraq government like they did in 2020 and take over parliament like they did in 2022.

Nader from the mideast question what happens if they changed the currency? What happened to the dinar of their home? You know how many Iraqis hold the Iraqi dinar? If tomorrow they decide to change the currency. And they say, the old one you have, you cannot do anything about it.

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You just have to throw it away or burn it or use it as toilet paper. You know how many people will be mad? So you have dinars, you can exchange them? Yes, if they go to a small category notes, which for me, it’s going to take a while to do that. They’re going to give you some time between 15 to 90 days or six months or whatever they’re going to give to exchange your money.

Caperoni I can assure you the Iraqi dinar will remain weak until the day comes where they have begun to build a significant, diverse economy. As clearly stated in the IMF article Four consultation, the staff encourages Iraq to create the conditions allowing them to move to a more flexible exchange rate policy which could allow a predictable and gradual appreciation. In other words, if Iraq can diversify their economy, then they can move to afloat to allow the currency to rise based on the success and growth of that economy. There is no overnight RV. Source Dinar Chronicles the latest video will be shown earlier at the official website thank you for your support.

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