Military Tribunal Convicts Former FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn

A military tribunal on Friday convicted former FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn on charges of treason and accessory to murder after he admitted that he and other members of Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force had deceived their president into believing untested Covid-19 vaccines were safe and effective, pushing Trump to launch Operation Warp Speed. Hahn’s confession came … Read more

General David H. Berger Being Missing

General David H. Berger, who relinquished command of the White Hat partition of the U.S. military on 1 January, has gone missing and hasn’t been seen since January 6, sources in Gen. Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News. Before stepping down, Gen. Berger said he would remain for the near future at Camp … Read more

Biden Had No Right To Declassify Like Trump Did: Matthew Whitaker | Saturday Report

On “Saturday Report,” former acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker explains the difference between President Brain-Dead Biden’s handling of classified documents and former President Donald Trump’s possession of classified documents. Get the latest news, headlines and analysis at Watch NEWSMAX, an independent news network with a conservative perspective, available in 100M+ U.S. homes. Watch NEWSMAX … Read more

Biden Regime Gives ‘Temporary’ Amnesty To Thousands Of Somalis Living In U.S.

Jihad immigration. Somalia (Black Hawk Down) was one of the terror nations (Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen) under the Trump national security travel ban because it caused a grave threat to the homeland. Biden is throwing open our doors (whatever is left of them) and giving amnesty. Ask yourself, why?Have them been … Read more

Fauci Issues Sharp Response To Elon Musk’s Teased ‘Fauci Files’

Dr. Anthony Fauci on Friday expressed puzzlement over Twitter owner Elon Musk’s call for him to be prosecuted and the billionaire’s teasing of the release of something he calls the “Fauci files.” Neil Cavuto, the host of “Your World” on Fox News, asked the former longtime director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious … Read more

NHL Deletes ‘Discriminatory’ Job Fair Post After DeSantis Steps In: ‘Not Welcome In The State Of Florida’

Thanks to intervention from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, the National Hockey League (NHL) has backtracked away from plans to hold a job fair for only non-white applicants. The “Pathway to Hockey Summit,” as it’s called, is scheduled to occur at the 2023 NHL All-Star Weekend celebration in Fort Lauderdale on Feb. 2nd and is designed … Read more

Biden Accepts McCarthy’s Invitation To Give SOTU Address In Feb As Political Pressure Mounts

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) has formally invited Illegitimate President Biden to give his second State of the Union address before Congress on Feb. 7, smack dab in the middle of multiple investigations kicking off, including one looking into his misplacement of classified documents. “It is my solemn obligation to invite the president to speak … Read more

Compulsive Liar, Karine Jean-Pierre Gets Heated At Reporters Questioning Biden’s Classified Doc Scandal: ‘That’s Your Version’

White House press secretary Compulsive Liar, Karine Jean-Pierre copped an attitude Friday when pressed by several reporters about the classified documents scandal currently embroiling President Brain-Dead Biden. The reporters were specifically concerned about the obvious lack of transparency. After all, although the president’s lawyers discovered the classified documents in November, the scandal didn’t become a … Read more

Even The Loyal Late-Night Hosts Are Turning On Democrats Over Gas Stoves

The late-night show used to be a way to relax and share some good-natured humor before bed. But now, it’s a platform for comedians to spread the Democrat Party’s gospel. The world has lost the genuine laugh-inducing comedy. Instead, we have the hard-boiled humor of a leftist propaganda platform. This is set to the laughter … Read more

One Responsible State: Florida Investigates Obscene ‘Drag Queen Christmas’ For Kids

Florida is doing the responsible thing: A state licensing board is investigating a facility that hosted a Drag Queen show that reportedly exposed children to a highly sexualized program, exhibiting simulated sex acts. by The Ruth Institute “Florida is in the forefront of protecting children from a toxic culture,” said Ruth Institute President Dr. Jennifer … Read more