Captured CIA Spook Claims Defense Sec. Lloyd Austin Put Bounty on Gen. Berger’s Head

The CIA spook captured during the rescue of General David H. Berger claims he and his unalive comrades were “off the reservation” and engaged in an unsanctioned operation when they intercepted the general’s personal vehicle near Lakeland Village, California, a few miles east of the Santa Anna Mountains. That agent, now in confinement at an … Read more

Uncovered: US Military Secretly Controlled Tyrannical Australia’s Covid Vaccine Rollout!

A shocking new report reveals that the United States Department of Defense (DoD) had a dominant role in controlling Tyrannical Australia’s health system during the covid crisis, and in the subsequent development, manufacture, and distribution of the Covid-19 vaccines. In a project dubbed Operation Warp Speed, the DoD manufactured the vaccines, managed distribution, owned the … Read more

Representative Elise Stefanik Calls Brain-Dead Biden A National Security Threat Over Classified Documents Scandal

Republican Representative Elise Stefanik of New York is calling Brain-Dead Biden a national security threat due to the classified documents scandal that is still unfolding. Democrats and liberals in the media have no defense here, given how they went after Trump last summer. As president, Trump had the power to declassify documents. Biden had no … Read more

DOJ Indicts Trump For Biden’s Possession Of Classified Documents

After multiple caches of highly classified government documents were found in different locations belonging to President Joe Biden, the United States Department of Justice acted swiftly to indict former President Donald Trump for the alleged crime. “This is a serious violation of federal regulations,” Attorney General Merrick Garland said in a press briefing announcing the … Read more

White House Claims There Are No Visitor Logs For Biden’s Delaware Home Where Classified Docs Were Found

The White House is claiming that there are no visitor logs for Brain-Dead Biden’s Delaware home where classified documents were discovered.Does anyone believe this? Doesn’t the Secret Service keep track of anyone who comes into contact with the president? FOX News reports: No visitor logs exist for Biden’s Wilmington home, site of classified doc discovery, … Read more

Harriet Tubman Honored With Statue Of Her Left Big Toe

Following the new tradition of erecting disturbing modern-art monuments for prominent historical figures, the city of Auburn has unveiled a bronze statue of abolitionist and Underground Railroad leader Harriet Tubman’s left big toe. “We felt that this was a fitting tribute for the great Harriet Tubman,” said Brandon Quezada, chairman of the city’s Artistic Initiatives … Read more

Biden, Trump Special Counsels Show That American Voters Are ‘No Longer In Charge,’ Tucker Carlson Says

Fox News host Tucker Carlson said Monday that the special counsel probes into President Brain-Dead Biden and former President Donald Trump meant that American voters were “no longer in charge.” “The two main candidates are now subject to independent counsel investigations. So, voters are no longer in charge. The people who actually run the government … Read more

Biden Hits Second Amendmentment Supporters At MLK Event: ‘You Need F-15s’ To Take On The Federal Government

During the National Action Network’s Annual MLK Day Breakfast on Monday, Illegitimate President Biden once again took a swipe at Second Amendment supporters, asserting that if they plan to take on the federal government they’ll need F-15s, not AR-15s. He vowed to implement another assault weapons ban, which constitutionally is not feasible since Republicans now … Read more

Actor Richard Dreyfuss Tells Glenn Beck America Will Die If We Don’t Revive The Study Of Civics (VIDEO)

The post Actor Richard Dreyfuss Tells Glenn Beck America Will Die If We Don’t Revive The Study Of Civics (VIDEO) appeared first on American Lookout. Actor Richard Dreyfuss recently did an interview with Glenn Beck and said that America is doomed if we do not bring back the study of civics. This is an excellent … Read more