Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of January 18, 2023

GCR Update USA

Restored Republic via GCR update as of January 18, 2023: judy Note Klaus Schwab and George Soros boat out of World Economic Conference as the Department of Defense and US. Military conducted a worldwide raid on the remaining deep state cabal biden is one big scandal that includes his secret docs disaster. Kevin McCarthy releases 14,000 hours of January 6 videos us meat supply will soon be infected with mRNA spike protein bioweapons cyber attacks everywhere. Chemtrails everywhere.

The white hat military everywhere. We just don’t know what they’re doing. A global currency reset duty note all bank exchange centers were put on full alert after all Coin tests were completed. Hong Kong and Shanghai banking corporation HSBC were leading the redemption process. While Temple, Texas has been moving the money.

The tier four B US the Internet group notification window was anytime from now through twos. 31 January monday, 16 January Marks call center staff were called into work. Redemption center staff were on a 1 hour alert to be called in and worked half a day on Monday. Over the weekend, there was lots of progress in positioning and putting funds in place, especially in South America and Europe. Reno, miami, Texas and New York were very efficient.

With the signing of NDAs, the banking system is robust in the US and moving forward quickly. They are prepared. My sources told me this weekend that South America, Central America and Europe bankers were scrambling to be prepared for any moment. They have hopes and expectations for a rollout for groups tomorrow toos. 17 January sunday, 15 January was the deadline for all levels to be fully loaded and ready to disperse funds.

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According to a high up contact Wednesday 18 January there was a 100% chance tier four B would be notified at least by Wednesday, 18 January. According to Bruce thursday 19 Jan US to hit debt limit, disrupting financial markets and the economy march 2023 was the deadline to have all 209 major countries currencies of the world exchanging at a one to one with each other, a situation expected to last up to five years. Between May and the 1 July 2023, the integration into Fed now would launch in all banks, markets and businesses around the world would complete integration into the new digital asset based economy. B the real news for Monday, January 16, 2023 marines rescue General Burger from CIA captors. Babylonian Cartel.

Rodinites deep State will do anything to remove Trump. Fistigate proves deep State will do anything to remove Trump, just like they did to President Kennedy. But it’s the shadow government that’s really calling the shots. Monday, 16 January Washington, DC reporter Nancy Drew new sandbags have appeared around grids at the empty Washington DC IRS building, some piled five to 6ft tall above old sandbags. The sandbags appear to be positioned to hold water that might come up out of the grid so it wouldn’t flow into the street.

The IRS building has not been occupied for the two years Drew has been reporting on activities in Washington DC. Glenn Beck my visit to Vatican City proved that evil is everywhere. See global financial crisis crypto list ISO 20,022 Crypto list compliant coins treasury secretary says US. To hit debt limit Thursday 19 jan setting up showdown with GOP Klaus Squad and George Soros bow out of world economic conference white hat sprang down the banking system charlie Ward, Trump and Mininchin took control of the US treasury, which then took control of the Federal Reserve, which then took control of the central banks and the banks. Because of how they implemented various bills, they took control over all the global wealth of the cabal.

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They are using that to implode the banking system around the world. Because of Trump’s executive orders plus the UMC Act Section 27 that are legally going to be able to confiscate all of the assets and give it back to we the people. How they are doing it is that they are flushing both physical currencies the valuation of the stock market, the valuation of the bind market, the housing market, the commodities, et cetera and they are pumping it into the new quantum financial system. QFs D Global Food, Fuel and Goods Crisis The mainstream media admits that we are facing the worst food crisis in modern history dupont poisoning and killing us since 1938 and most likely before that. Ecovid Monkey Pox Slash Facts Drugs Hoax dr.

Kerry Madig explained how the vaccine causes damage to the embryo. DoD HHS and Big Pharma have committed murder with the COVID vaccines. Warning Flu shots are now mRNA bioweapons f friday the 13th Part Six Seven eight friday the 13th Part Number Six utah Trust Gov Bonding is Not Trustworthy So many questions about trust for the oxymoronic.

Utah Trust Gov Officials how is it possible that Utah’s government employees are self bonded by an entity? Utah Trust Gov friday the 13th Part Number Seven Darren Brunson destroys two constitutional detractors clever arguments in their December 30, 2022 article, adam Carter and Tracy Beans poopoo the Brunson case, number 22 to 380 at the Supreme Court with a very well written and highly slip produced clever arguments, complete with impressive video clips, pics and images.

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Friday the 13th Part Number Eight world War Three is on now, but most don’t even know it yet. America is sick and her survival hangs in the balance. If America goes down, then the last best hope for freedom goes down and the light of liberty left in the rest of the world is easily snuffed out. G fake Oki Posts evidently years ago someone from Denar Gurus who had access to Oki’s computer went on Oki’s site and stole pictures and other things off his computer and posted them on the internet. That person was now continuing to post under Okie’s name.

Okie does not post. I apologize for posting an update yesterday saying it was from Okie when evidently it wasn’t. The latest video will be shown earlier at the official website restored as you know, our content is restricted by payment gateways. We are looking for a workaround. All your monthly contributions to us have been unconditionally stopped forced us to change to give sendgo below each video and start from zero.

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