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1st 34 or younger not required 35 to 39 A single baseline ECG is required at the first exam performed after reaching the 35th birthday. 40 or older Annually 2nd or 3rd: Any Not required* *If the AME performed an EKG, it should be submitted along with notes in Block 60 describing why it was performed.

Other times an ECG/EKG can be requested by an AME (All classes):

Any time the airman has a history or physical examination finding that suggests a clinically
significant abnormality.

Substitution for an ECG/EKG:

If a first-class airman does not have a current resting ECG on file, but the FAA has the tracings of
any type of stress test (pharmaceutical stress, Bruce stress, nuclear stress, or stress
echocardiogram) which was done within the last 60 days, the information may be accepted on a
case-by-case basis. The image must be of good quality. Stress test or ECG images that have
been faxed do not have enough clarity/definition for adequate review. In most cases, they will not
be acceptable. A cardiac catheterization and/or a Holter monitor test are NOT acceptable in place
of a resting 12-lead ECG.

Additional Work-Up/Evaluation (All classes):

If additional work up was performed based on history or ECG findings, copies of the work up
(cardiovascular evaluation, clinic notes, stress testing, etc.) should also be submitted to the FAA
with notes in Block 60 describing the findings. If any pathology was identified, refer to the
appropriate, individual section.

AMCS notification regarding ECG will appear as:

1. ECG is Required:

A Red X will precede the words ECG Date. No date will be in the box.

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2. ECG is Not Required:

The AMCS screen will show the word “Ok” along with a date in the box.

Can I submit an ECG performed on a day other than the date of exam?

Yes, but it must be considered current.

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