A Much-Needed Investigation Of The Trudeau-McKinsey Contracts

In light of the news that there has been an exponential increase in contracts to the management consulting firm McKinsey and Company under the Trudeau government, a parliamentary committee announced last week that they will be looking into the matter. Under Trudeau, the controversial firm received a thirty-fold increase in funding when compared to the … Read more

General Berger, Wounded But Recovering

Marine Corps Gen. David H. Berger remains at an undisclosed White Hat hospital as he recovers from grievous wounds sustained during his brush with CIA kidnappers, a source in Gen. Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News. The general, he said, endured the following wounds during his week in captivity: Lacerations to the face … Read more

Parents Plead With Biden To End Drug Injection Sites: ‘Please Help My Son The Way You Helped Hunter’

A coalition that advocates for a safe recovery for drug addicts is urging President Brain-Dead Biden to not throw the backing of the federal government behind injection sites where junkies are allowed to shoot up under medical supervision. NorthAmericaRecovers.org, which is a nonprofit umbrella organization bringing together more than 20 separate groups – including Mothers … Read more

‘Consensual’: White House Reportedly Requested FBI Search Biden’s Home That Led To 4th Batch Of Docs

In what appears to be a planned event, the White House strangely requested the disgraced FBI search Illegitimate President Biden’s residence on Friday while he wasn’t there, finding a fourth batch of misplaced classified documents. Justice Department officials asserted that the 13-hour search of Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware home was “consensual.” It appears that the White … Read more

Trump’s Eulogy Of Diamond Gets Typical Media Spin After He Says He ‘Didn’t Know Silk At All’

If we’ve learned anything over the past six years when it comes to Donald Trump it’s that the media is not going to give him a fair shake, regardless of the circumstances. And that’s precisely what played out over the weekend when he traveled to North Carolina to eulogize Lynette “Diamond” Hardaway. Diamond and Silk, … Read more

Muslim BBC Broadcaster Screams ‘Death To Israel’

Mayssaa Abdul Khalek is another in a long string of Anti-Jewish BBC reporters. Apparently for the BBC, Jew-hatred in a “journalist” is not a bug, it’s a feature. A journalist hired by the BBC has ranted “death to Israel” on social media and described it as “occupied Palestine” live on air, the JC can reveal. … Read more

Drunk Pelosi Makes Stunning Accusation Against New York Democrats, Blames Them For 2022 Midterms

Former Democrat House Speaker and well-known Drunk. Wino, and Insider Trader, Nancy Pelosi is blaming New York Democrats, in part, for why is no longer Speaker.  “She said that she believed the Democrats could have held onto the House in November if top New York pols had realized that the key issue in that state … Read more

Biden To Tap Former COVID Czar Jeff Zients As New Chief Of Staff

Illegitimate President Biden’s former COVID-19 czar Jeff Zients will soon replace Ron Klain as White House chief of staff, Fox News confirmed on Sunday. Zients served as Biden’s COVID response coordinator from early 2021 through April 2022. Klain plans to step down as chief of staff in the coming days after serving in the role … Read more

Biden Docs: Partisan Department Of Justice Prosecutors Weighing Search Of Biden’s Rehoboth Home

Justice Department prosecutors are reportedly considering requesting a search of Illegitimate President Biden’s home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, after several sets of classified documents were found at his Wilmington, Delaware, home in recent weeks. News of the consideration comes days after FBI officials searched Biden’s Wilmington home at the invitation of the White House. There, … Read more

REPORTS: Biden Chief Of Staff Ron Klain To Depart White House Soon

Democrat President Brain-Dead Biden’s chief of staff, Ron Klain, will leave his post at the White House in the coming weeks, according to several news reports on Saturday. Klain, a longtime Biden hand who has served as his chief of staff since the president took office, is expected to leave his position shortly after the … Read more