Sudheer Varma Cause of Death? Telugu Actor Sudheer Varma Dies By Suicide

Here we are going to share a piece of big and shocking news with you that a name is trending on the search engines. Yes, the Telugu actor Sudheer Varma passed away on 23 Jan 2023, Monday. He died at the age of 33 and left people devasted. This news is getting circulated on the … Read more

Brain-Dead Biden AGREES To Give “Significant Number” Of Abrams M1 Tanks To Ukraine – DESPITE RUSSIAN THREATS OF NUCLEAR WAR

The US will be forced to send men and women to operate and perform maintenance on the tanks, the world’s most powerful. Brain-Dead Biden is considering sending US Abrams tanks to Ukraine in their war against nuclear Russia. What better way to change the subject from his classified document scandal than nuclear war with Russia? … Read more

Scottish Investigation Into Sudden Infant Death Spike Will Not Check Mother’s Vaccine Status

39 babies died in Scotland within 28 days of their birth in September 2021 and March of 2022, triggering an automatic investigation into the causes behind their deaths, for the first time since monitoring began in 2017. The Herald reported last week that Healthcare Improvement Scotland has begun their investigation, appointing retired consultant neonatologist Dr … Read more

U.S. Air Marshals Planning Rebellion After Biden Orders Them To Southern Border: Report

United States Air Marshals are reportedly planning to “mutiny” against an order from President Brain-Dead Biden to leave their posts aboard commercial flights and head to the U.S.-Mexico border. During an interview on “Fox & Friends First,” Air Marshal National Council Executive Director Sonya Labosco said that federal air marshals are outraged as the Biden … Read more

Trump Poll Has Team Biden In Panic Mode

According to a poll, former President Donald Trump is the undisputed front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024 and leads President Brain-Dead Biden in a fictitious general election rematch. According to the Emerson College Polling survey, which was published on Thursday, 44% of registered voters surveyed said they would choose Trump over Biden and … Read more

Bombshell From Grave: Pope Benedict, Who Is Dead, Unleashes On Catholics

When Pope Benedict XVI died on December 31 at the age of 95, it turns out that he had a completed book ready for publication upon his death. Written in Italian, that book, Che cos’è il Cristianesimo: Quasi un testamento spirituale (What Is Christianity: Almost a Spiritual Testament), is full of explosive revelations and trenchant … Read more

DIED SUDDENLY! 6-Month-Old Baby Dies Suddenly From Heart Conditions! VAXXED 4 TIMES!

The sudden death of a six-month-old baby from circulatory and cardiac conditions should raise alarms. The baby died ten days after receiving four vaccines. The shots included the new EUA jab. The baby experienced “Shock-associated circulatory or cardiac conditions.” It was an “unexpected death…taking a nap in the afternoon and found pulseless in a crib.” … Read more

Zelensky Cleans House In “Anti-Corruption Drive,” AKA Covering Up His Own Corruption

When the walls are closing in on a corrupt government or even a corrupt individual leader, two things happen. First, the failsafe protocols that were put into place for such an event are triggered. We’ve seen examples of this in both fiction and real life in the form of document shredding and people scrambling to … Read more

Do Covid “Vaccines” Poke Holes In The Blood-Brain Barrier And Cause Neurodegenerative Disorders Like Alzheimer’s And Parkinson’s?

The entire world of natural health advocates, who tune in to truth media and independent sources for their nutrition, health, and science news, are well-aware of the short-term dangers and repercussions of the “clot shot” Covid “vaccines,” but nobody has seen any long-term health detriment, because it’s only been two years since the scamdemic broke … Read more

Here’s what you need to know about the GOP bill to abolish the tax code

House conservatives are breathing new life into an old proposal to do away with income taxes, payroll taxes, estate taxes and even the IRS itself in favor of a supersized sales tax that would account for nearly all government revenues.  Versions of the far-reaching plan have been around for decades, and with Democrats controlling both … Read more