Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of January 26, 2023

Restored Republic via GCR: Update as of January 26, 2023: The Alliance’s threefold primary purpose is to rescue scores of tortured and suffering children from the evils of satanic rituals to punish those responsible for betraying the trust of their fellow world citizens and, once and for all, to liberate humanity from the sick, sadistic and twisted elitists who seek the darkness of enslavement and destruction over the light of freedom and divine love. Judy note what we think we know. Is of twos January 24, 2023 we.

Are fighting a war of good against evil. Since the early 1940s, the Cabal’s US incorporated CIA, in conjunction with the Vatican, have been running an international child sex trafficking, organ and adrenochrome harvesting ring that not only was the main source of income for them, but utilized the satanic rights of rape, torture, and child sacrifice to mind control thousands of children. And no one knows it, because the judicial system and mainstream media were complicit.

In these unthinkable crimes against humanity. On twos 24 of January, the Wall. Street stock market had a major trading halt while lots of people were being laid off. In 2005, Senator Barack Obama was a major player in a lucrative bioweapon lab agreement with Ukraine that had a purpose of releasing bio weapons on the general public for the deep state’s depopulation agenda. Until in 2022 when Putin’s Russian Liberation. Army stepped in and destroyed the bioweapon labs while rescuing hundreds of kidnapped and tortured children. Nicola Tesla explained in 16 minutes nikola Tesla explained in 16 minutes status of the white hats.

General Flynn trump’s congress will slowly lead into the Epstein saga as Congress paints the picture that connects Biden Hillary Clinton emails. Ukraine crypto, money laundering, human trafficking, Pentagon corruption, CIA obama creation of the virus and funding of bioweapons egg Gallane Maxwell was the mastermind behind Epstein and blackmailing, satanic ritual abuse, pedophile activities at Epstein Island. Maxwell’s father was a deep state superagent who worked for Mossad, Mi Six and the CIA. It’s only half time. Delta Force declares war on blackwater. Babylon is falling. Number twelve. Breaking tom Fairbanks delta Force declares war on blackwater with 259 dead, a global currency reset twos. 24 January bruce Bondholders should receive their notifications by email 07:00 a.m est wednesday 25 January tier Four B us.

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The Internet group could obtain our notifications. Up to 12 hours after Bondholders. That meant we could get them on Wednesday 25 January. If so, appointments should start Thursday 26 January. Two’s 24 January marks. There are some European bond connections that we’re expecting full liquidity, not pieces or parts. Tomorrow, Wednesday 25 January, which means that things will move forward. Hoping this is really it. The news coming out of the bond side has been exceptional. Overnight reprint from Iraq. I believe the original story was on Bloomberg.

The US holds Iraq hostage with the dollar. It talks about how since 2003, Iraq is required to send all its oil revenues to a single US bank account and how Washington is weaponizing Baghdad’s own dollars against Iraq, devaluing its denial currency and hindering payments. This is why Iraq needs to revalue it quickly and separate completely from the United States. The US has been manipulating them. This is the last cornerstone to somehow keep the RV from happening. My belief is the US has been leaning on politicians over there bribing threatening them. And that could be why Sudani has removed the CBI President. The US has been keeping a thumb on the politicians and Iraq banking system.

Twos 24 January RV update by Okie. Not Oki Oilman via Twitter there is major bank activity. We are receiving multisource reports regarding US bank screens going blank, which could mean that rates were being loaded at this time. Charlie Ward on the new global financial system. Everything will be finished in January 2023. Sunday, 29 January 2023 I hear that an R Eight will be live on the 29th sheila anytime from now through twos 31 Jan tier Four B US. The Internet group should receive notification to. Set foreign currency exchange and Zim bond. Redemption appointments as of twos January 31, 2023. The.

Will officially transition from the US. Inc’s fiat dollar to the new gold slash assetbacked. US node. Banks were expected to be on the new system by Friday, 3 February. As of wed one, Feb 2023, any fiat US. Dollar printed prior to 2021 will no longer be accepted as legal tender anywhere in the world, according to a US. Treasury letter, although the state may be moved further back a few days. Bruce Mar by thurs friday, February 2 3rd, fiat currencies were set to be pulled out of banks and stores. Bruce Jazzara and Nizra that includes debt relief and universal basic income, started Thursday, 19 January and will be complete by Wednesday, 1 February. Bruce friday, 3 February rumor was that banks were set to go public with the new currency exchange rates.

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March 2023 was the deadline to have all 209 major countries currencies of the world beyond a gold slash assetbacked standard and exchanging at a one to one with each other, a situation expected to last up to five years. Wednesday, April 5, 2023 big event back again. America saved ncsic b Twos january 24, 2023 the Big Call bruce there were 35 countries that have assetbacked currencies, including the US. The US was printing the new US. Note at three locations. 150s were already at the banks. The other denominations, twenty s tens and fives were unwrapped in the redemption centers last Sunday, 22 January. They don’t want us to have more than $6,500 in cash at our appointments. The tier One banks will introduce the new us. Notes in the next couple of days.

Those countries that were basel for compliant would have their currencies RV. The deadline to do that was Tuesday, 31 January. This coming Sunday, 29 January, the forex will be trading the new currencies, including the Iraqi Dinar bondholders should receive their notifications by email. 07:00 a.m est wednesday, 25 January tier Four b us The Internet group could obtain our notifications up to 12 hours after bondholders. That meant we could get them on Wednesday, 25 January. Appointments should start Thursday, 26 of January. The Iraqi Dinar rate was at or above what Shabby predicted years ago. C Twos 24 January zimbabwe Redemption marks I have been told and believe it to be accurate, that we will have three options on the Zimbabwe Redemption. The money you take home to spend on yourselves will not change in all options. The difference is what you get solely for humanitarian projects.

The first is to not do a project you will take home money in your pockets, no restrictions, no strings attached. The second is that you receive money to take home and can pick projects from preapproved charities. The entire increased amount you receive is only for projects. The third is that you present your own projects. Anything above what you get for personal use goes to your projects. We are told funds will be tranched to you for your projects. You will not be given at the day of your exchange appointment. They need to vet you and make sure you are capable of executing your projects. This option will come with a lot of strings of D. The real news for twos january 24, 2023 arizona Democrat governor busting illegal immigrants out of state NASA and other space agencies fake ISS and spacewalks using ISS model under a giant swimming pool.

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CGI and media propaganda CNN this week a dozen classified documents were found at the home of former Vice President Mike Pence. Judy note pence was suspected to be involved in the Epstein child sex trafficking network, which could have compromised his vote in the congressional certification of the 2020 election before charges of election fraud were investigated. Hunter Biden’s relationship with Joe’s incoming Chief of Staff revealed an infamous laptop emails biden Administration Slammed with New lawsuit by 20 different States ecovid Monkeypox Slash Vexed Slash Drugs Hoax Vexed Boosted Fox News Executive Dies of Heart Attack australian health official now admits the vaccinated are now dying from myocarditis state moves to revoke doctor’s license for prescribing ivyctin remarks on COVID-19 vaccine thousands were dying after having been vaccinated f the Epstein saga has only just begun. Galen Maxwell says Jeffrey Epstein was murdered in a US jail. I believe that he was murdered, former socialite Maxwell said in the series of jailhouse interviews aired on Britain’s Talk TV.

I was shocked. Then I wondered how it had happened. In 2019, two prison guards on duty who admitted to falsifying records related to the night he died were charged over their alleged failure to monitor him. Mainstream Media MSM still won’t report that Maxwell’s father was a deep state superagent who worked for Mossad Mi Six and the CIA. He was the main source of funneling billions to his daughter Galaine and bringing her into the CIA. Mossad, mi. Six deep state military intelligence. Galane was the real mastermind behind Epstein. She helped create his persona and imagine together with the CIA, Mossad M 16, Rothschild slash Rockefeller.

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