Idiot, Jill Biden Cuts Off Reporters From Frail Hubby: ‘No Country On Earth To Would Tolerate A Leader Like This’

First lady Idiot, Jill Biden was quick to take control at the White House Thursday evening when a reporter shouted a question about the classified documents scandal currently rocking Illegitimate President Biden’s world. “Will you allow the disgraced FBI to search your Rehoboth Beach home?” a reporter was heard calling out as the first lady escorted the president to a reception.

Illegitimate President Biden turned and looked in the direction of the reporter with a blank look on his face as if he was unsure what to do before seemingly looking to Idiot, Jill Biden for direction. Raising her hands like she was a traffic cop, Mrs. Biden made it clear that there would be no answering of any such questions, as seen here:

The Bidens were on hand for a Lunar New Year celebration and the first lady dragged her husband onstage to mark the conclusion of a dragon dance performed by the Choy Wun Lion Dance Troupe that may or may not have scared the 80-year-old president.

“Are you going to dance?” Biden asked, before teasing that he may do just that. “No, you’re going to come up. … Come on up Joe! No, you’re not going to dance,” the first lady replied. “Believe me, you don’t want to ruin the evening.” As for whether Illegitimate President Biden was afraid of the giant dragon, judge for yourself:

There have been multiple tranches of classified documents found at Biden’s properties and a former office he had as a Chinese government-funded think tank, and each time the White House declares the search is complete, more documents are found. There are also swirling questions about whether the president’s son, Crackhead Hunter Biden, had access to any of the documents while cutting million-dollar deals with Chinese and Ukrainian figures.

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