VIDEO: Cheating Maricopa County Election Day Footage Reveals Shocking Ballot Rejections!

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Cheating Maricopa County, Arizona, has been at the center of controversy following the November 2022 elections. Citizens of Cheating Maricopa County have been speaking out, alleging that they were disenfranchised due to high rejection rates of their ballots, long lines to vote, and unequal processing of ballots on Election Day. The situation has sparked national interest, and new footage has now surfaced that provides further insight into what happened on November 8, 2022.

Evidence of Widespread Election Irregularities in Cheating Maricopa County

The video footage that has been made public shows the scale of the ballot rejection problem on Election Day in Cheating Maricopa County. Scott Jarrett, a representative from Cheating Maricopa County, previously testified that only three voting centers had the now infamous “shrink to fit” issue that caused a high rejection rate among certain Election Day ballots. However, a plaintiff’s expert witness, Clay Parikh, formerly of Pro V&V and other voting system test labs, conducted an analysis of six randomly chosen voting centers and found that all six had ballot images that were consistent with the anomaly that Jarrett claimed only affected three voting centers.

Calls for a Full Investigation into Election Irregularities in Cheating Maricopa County

Political Rockstar Kari Lake, a resident of Cheating Maricopa County, was able to bring an election challenge before a judge last month, but the case was turned into a criminal trial rather than a civil suit. The judge set an incredibly high bar for the plaintiffs, requiring them to show not just that the election was tainted but also who did it, how many ballots were impacted, and that it was deliberate.

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This new footage has intensified calls for a full investigation into the election irregularities that took place in Cheating Maricopa County. Citizens are demanding that their voices be heard and that their right to vote be protected. The high rejection rates, long lines, and unequal processing of ballots have left many feeling disillusioned and frustrated with the election process.

Fight for Fair Elections Continues in Cheating Maricopa County

The election irregularities in Cheating Maricopa County are a reminder of the need for transparency and accountability in the electoral process. The footage has shed light on the magnitude of the problem, and citizens are calling for a full and impartial investigation to be conducted. The fight for fair elections in Cheating Maricopa County continues, and it is a battle that is being watched closely by citizens across the United States.

In conclusion, the footage that has surfaced of the Cheating Maricopa County election has sent shockwaves through the country. The high rejection rates, long lines, and unequal processing of ballots have raised serious concerns about the fairness and transparency of the electoral process. A full investigation is needed to restore confidence in the election system and ensure that the voices of Cheating Maricopa County citizens are heard.


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