Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of February 8, 2023

GCR Update USA

On Sunday 5 February afternoon, I received information from a very high up source who said that Iraq RV’d last week and such would soon be officially announced. They also indicated that over this past weekend, RV funds began processing with reno started on Saturday, four of February. This coming week, funding would be available to all tiers with tier four B US, the Internet group likely to seal liquidity by twos 7 February IRS agents have confirmed that you are not required to pay income tax. After proving in a federal tax court that they owed no monies to the IRS, patriots Ken and Barbara Cromar were twice visited by SWAT teams in their quiet middle class neighborhood.

Arrested, they’re fully paid for home repossessed and sold and all possessions thrown in unknown dumpsters, including expensive equipment can use to make a living dash. But that didn’t stop them fighting for the last five years to reinstate their rights in cases working their way to the Supreme Court through a corrupt court system. Read the canon. Barbie versus Goliath IRS story. Babylon is falling in hashtag. See below. The Brunson case again goes before the Supreme Court on Friday, February 17. It asserted that 385 members of Congress, plus Biden, Harris and Pence broke their oath of office to protect the Constitution and called for removal of those traders from office for failing to investigate 50 allegations of fraud in the 2020 election. The case now rested on one question if there is no penalty for breaking the oath of office, then why have it at all? Lloyd brunson explained. Lloyd talks to Nino about the latest updates on case 22 to 380. The Brunson’s thank Amy Heard for her article that brought more awareness to the case.

You can support the Constitution by sending a letter in support of the Brunson case 22 to 380 to the Supreme Court AGCR process. On Sunday, 29 January 2023, the Iraqi dinar was listed on the ISX Nasdaq and began being traded as of twos january 31, 2023 and behind the scenes, the US incorporated fiat dollar officially transitioned to the new gold assetbacked US. Note It will take the new US and three months to transition from the fiat US dollar and nine months to completely roll out. As of Wednesday, 1 February 2023, the US incorporated fiat dollar, British pound and European Euro were no longer recognized as legal tender anywhere in the world. The Iraqi dinar was reinstated and banks were using the new quantum financial system.

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On Thursday evening, February 2, 2023, the Iraqi dinar was revalued with the street rate locked in at $3.93. The release celebrated with fireworks on Iraqi streets. On Friday, 3 February, partial funding was released by the Chinese elders so that the funds could begin processing through the tiers. On Saturday, 4 February, reno began processing their GCR funds this coming week. Funding would be available to all tiers with tier Four. B US, the Internet group likely seeing liquidity by twos. 7 February monday 6 February marks I am hearing from a number of bond folks that starting Saturday 4 February and over the weekend, they received a percentage. I don’t know what that means. I just know they did not receive full dollars. The overwhelming majority expect full funding around the 14th or 15th.

That is what they were told. I do not believe the RV has to wait that long. All of my banking sources are absolutely convinced that it will happen overnight, tonight and into tomorrow. It could be accurate, but it could be a little premature. But we are certainly close. My banking side contacts are convinced this is it. B global currency Reset as of Wednesday, 1 February 2023 the US. Incorporated Fiat dollar, british pound and European Euro were no longer recognized as legal tender anywhere in the world. The central banking system is in major collapse. Banks and ATMs across the globe will close.

All bank accounts across the world have been mirrored into the new Gold Slash asset backed quantum financial system that works out of the transparent and secure Starlink satellite system. You will have time to turn in any Fiat cash you haven’t traded on a one to one with gold assetbacked currency. The white hat military and Q operations have stored a quintillion plus in gold inside Cheyenne Mountain. When the world military operations and endgame finishes, nazira Jazzara will take over and people will have debt relief. The banking cartels will be gone, nadar from the Middle East.

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It is true. The real value of the Iraqi dinar is not 1460. It’s not 1160, it’s $3.28. That’s the true value for now. The rate is a punishment. Iraq, with all the assets we have and all the reserves we have, that’s not the true rate of our dinars. Five months before his assassination, president John F. Kennedy issued an executive order that would have given American currency back to the people by printing money based on a silver standard, taking away the power of the Federal Reserve banking cartel. Many argued that this was the reason that JFK was assassinated. The Great Reset almost every European country has denied the Cabal’s proposed Fiat digital banking system.

Of the great reset, of which currencies have no backing. A central bank digital currency will create unprecedented tyranny. The end of all freedom. A central bank digital currency creates unprecedented possibilities for Tyranny militia man and Crew USD CBI Cooperation and Coordination exchange Rate IQD USD Ecovid Monkeypox slash Facts drugs hoax redacted on Twitter thailand drops a bombshell on a Pfizer and they’re pissed. The narrative is collapsing. F international child sex trafficking, organ and adrenalchrome harvesting ring. March 15, 1995, us Congressional hearing. President’s advisory Committee on Human radiation experiments. MK Ultravictim testimony see testimony has been erased from the Internet. Born 1950, age 45.

In experiments 1957 to 1984, ages seven to 24, they used electro shock, radiation, drugs, isolation in a tub of water, sexual abuse, sleep deprivation, burns and emotional and physical abuse. Those atrocities were also used on countless other children involved. Her perpetrator. L. Wilson Green was given $50 million to run the program with CIA science division. CIA? Office of Research Development. Dr. Green did the X rays. She was also abused by John Gottley, Dr. Cameron, CIA Director Helms, James Hamilton and heads of academic institutions. She stated that Green said he used children because it was fun, cheaper, lower profile females and I like scaring them. Green stated once when they were running out of funding, they had to get rid of their subjects. Gottlett laughed about using a large group of retarded kids in radiation. At age nine, she was taken to a lodge in Maryland to be used as a sexual slave to blackmail or entrap men high in the CIA and politics because they wanted to keep funding going, step up blackmail and stresses she now can’t work or bear children.

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She requested a Presidential Commission on Mind Control, which never happened, of course, like other MKUltra victims who testified at the congressional hearing, victim C later died of mysterious causes and her testimony was erased from YouTube and the Internet. G January 6 massacre trump responds to McCarthy disagreement that Babbitt was murdered former Federal prosecutor defending J Six ers decries no alternative to trials in DC. What he’s doing to change that? H biden crime Family joe Biden repeatedly lied when he said he never talked to Hunter about his foreign business dealings. Joe met with Hunter’s business associates at least 16 times.

I the real news for Monday, 6 February so called Chinese spy balloons over the US and South America on Saturday, 4 February seen as dry run for nuclear EMP attack by Cabal Chinese buying US military academies Turkey there were catastrophic consequences of the earthquake in Turkey roads destroyed, cars stuck in cracks on Sunday, 5 February. On Monday 6 February 2nd very powerful earthquake hit central Turkey. According to EMSC, death toll could hit over 100. Fox News another large one just happened mag seven five more than 1300 reported dead m 5.4 earthquake hits Kazakhstan the epicenter has been recorded near the southern city of Turkey’s Ton at 05:37 a.m. Est monday 6 February 2 massive seven eight earthquake smashed Turkey, Syria, Lebanon and Israel.

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