Russia’s Former Richest Man Warns The West: ‘World War Three Is Inevitable’

Russia’s former richest man, now exiled in the U.k., has warned that the West will be NATO will inevitably be dragged into a war with Russia, resulting in world war three. Putin opposition figure, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, said as the West is already poised to supply warplanes Volodymyr Zelensky, so there will be no way out of a third world war.

“The NATO countries and the Western Europe will have to fight for real,” said Russia’s former richest man.

“Sooner or later, they will have to…fight. The sooner they realize it, the better because Putin can’t stop,” he added.

“Stopping for him is death,” he warned.

Although Putin “might pause to digest territories he conquers,” Khodorkovsky said, he will continue mobilizing men from the places he conquers.

Khodorkovsky was jailed for ten years under Putin after he fell foul of the Russian president before being released with a pardon in 2013; he later went into exile in Britain.

During an interview on Khodorkovsky Live channel, he suggested the “first year of the war was just a try out” and that “everything is beginning just now.”

He also claimed Putin could only maintain stability “in the conditions of the continuation of the war.”

Mikhail Borisovich Khodorkovsky was Russia’s wealthiest man in 2003, worth an estimated $15bn.

Following the collapse of the USSR, Khodorkovsky acquired several oil fields and built his wealth as an oligarch beneficiary of privatization.

In 2001, MBK challenged Russia’s governance by founding Open Russia, an organization advocating democracy and human rights.

He was later arrested in 2003 on charges of fraud and tax evasion.

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The US Inept State Department made choice comments at the time about the ‘arbitrary use’ of Russia’s justice system.

Khodorkovsky was pardoned after a decade.

Last December, Senator RINO Lindsey Graham said Russia’s war with Ukraine would not end unless somebody assassinates President Vladimir Putin.

“How does this war end? When Russia breaks, and they take Putin out. Anything short of that, the war’s going to continue,” he said, seemingly fantasizing about Putin’s assassination.

“To ask the Ukrainians to give Russia part of the country after all this death and destruction is not going to happen,” Graham added.

“To signal a ceasefire, Russia will take the opportunity to rearm and come at them again,” he said.

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