JUDY BYINGTON BIG UPDATE Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of February 15, 2023

GCR Update USA

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of February 15, 2023: According to JFK Jr. Right now, we were in the ten days of disclosure that ended on Tuesday. 21 February get out now. Federal Emergency 30 million people in six states patrick Humphrey trains owned by the Cabal have derailed in Ohio and Texas caused deadly cancer causing toxins to be released that were contaminating the water for 30 million people in eight states. A market crash was expected on Valentine’s Day. Twos 14 February Cabal imo attacks appeared imminent. The deep state was pushing a fake alien invasion. Nine dead in Equatorial Guinea. Men made Marburg virus outbreak. The US was a captured operation. The Chinese Communist Party, in cooperation with the Democrats, led widespread fraud and foreign interference in the 2000 and 22,022 elections.

The Biden regime, FBI and CIA controlled big tech as they tried to start World War III. The mass media, owned and controlled by leftist Soros and Co. Continued to promote a new world order, the agenda of which was to depopulate and take over the world. Meanwhile, the global alliance was continuing mass arrests and tribunals while turning on the green light for the global currency reset that would implement Nazareth Jazzara laws and give the global financial system back to the people. Be Global Currency Reset monday, 13 February marks I think a lot of folks are going to have money in their pockets this week.

I’m looking for a lot of activity starting around midweek, according to what I heard this weekend. Over the weekend we did see some interesting things. There is a big difference between the official CBI rate, forex rate and market rates in the region anywhere from 500 plus dinars to $1 to the official 1300. The dollar purchases are down 62% as of today. It appears that the rate change is starting to work. What they are wanting to do is keep dinar in the hands of the citizens instead of US dollars. Then when there is a reinstatement, the people will benefit from it. Member Robert Kiyosaki says the markets will crash tomorrow. He calls it the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.

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Miz he is not the only one saying this. I also hear there will be key information dropping tomorrow too. 12 February If you like history and charts, you would be in the Robert Kiyosaki group right now. Tomorrow just may be the day the crash starts. Most economists believe the economy will just implode. Monday, 13 February militiamen iraq was on the blacklist. Then it was moved to a gray list. And then just yesterday, day before they were moved from the gray list by the European Union to the white area. At the same time there was things going on in Washington DC. Monday, 13 February dan Bongino, Q 17 a breaking report from a former BlackRock employee said that the global fiat currencies are about to fail.

If this collapse is imminent, it just means one thing from my perspective. The RV is right around the corner. RV stands for the revaluation of the current currencies. This is the birthing of a new financial system on the horizon. The new currency will be backed by gold. No more inflations and no more making money from thin air. I can’t wait for this to happen. What an exciting time to be living in. See American, Patriot Usasis, RV and the Redemption funds all exchanged currencies and Zim redemption funds will be placed in the accounts they set up in the Quantum financial System. Absolutely none of these funds will be placed in a bank at the Redemption appointment.

Bank computers cannot be programmed to transfer digital gold certificates. The QFs can and will transplant funds into a bank account, so a person can transfer funds to their own bank account. But the desirability will become less and less as the banks go into receivership and their customers deposits are confiscated to avoid the bank’s demise. What bank can compete with the QFs when the QFs is free, secure, private and stable? D what we think We Know as of Monday, February 13, 2023 ohio, Texas Norfolk Southern Corp. Rail Transportation Company trained derailments cause deadly toxins to be released toxins have been released into the Ohio River Basin in Mississippi River,

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causing emergencies for 30 million people in six states. In Ohio, authorities blew up the derailed railroad cars causing toxins they were carrying to be released, while reporters were arrested for reporting on the story. Near Houston, Texas, 16 cars carrying hazardous materials crashed into each other. The top ten owners of the Norfolk Southern Corporal transportation company included vanguard, JPMorgan and Black Rock Cabal. Emo attack appears imminent as the cabal pushes a fake alien invasion invading Antarctica secret South Pole colony nuschwa Benland.

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US officials have acknowledged that the explosions that hit the North Stream One and Two pipelines were their handiwork. CDC has added killer graphene loaded CV 19 Jab to child immunization schedule button pushed green light given for the global currency reset new gold slash assetbacked currencies trading on bank backscreens all tiers looking to be liquid next week. White hats continue making mass arrests. Wilkness is an attempt by an enlightened few to revise history to conform to 21st century political standards. Standards that were made as they alone saw them.

They’ve released another manmade virus. Equatorial guinea says Nine dead in Marlborough virus outbreak e chemtrails have ruined Oregon bonnie Bird I live in god’s country oregon, the most beautiful state anywhere. We have the ocean, beautiful valley, rocky Mountains and eastern Oregon desert. We ship our grass seed across the world as well as our timber. Our grapes make wonderful wines, our filbert, goat and Aela and our mint goes to Wriggleys. Three years ago Antifa destroyed the third most beautiful city in America, Portland, and burned 250,000,000 acres of our timber because our liberal governor let them. Chemtrail plains are in our skies daily. Last year we lost one third of our trees that were covered with yellow scales and hanging moss. We are dying too. In the last months the sky as far as the eye could see in any direction contain huge puffy chemtrails made by five planes at once, day in and day out.

We have a new governor who doesn’t give a rat’s butt either. Our schools are woke. God help the kids. We could use a little help here. PS we were always a Republican state since our beginning in 1879. But in 19 87, 36 years ago our state went to mail in ballots and we were never Republican again. Please help us. We are going down the shitter here. F EMP Attacks Re Sutherland M dead 107 told us in several interviews. When the EMP attack comes, dubbed Nuke Attack, it will set off a military protocol that allows the good guys who are locked inside Cheyenne Mountain to take over command and control of the entire US military.

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Thereby, the written protocol will remove the ses British overlords in the USA who actually control everything. Now fact the EMP will put the alliance over American lives. Yes, that is a good thing. The most recent information has come from a former FBI investigator, John de Souza about the balloon drone scene over many continents. They are from DARPA and the Dark Pentagon at the behest of China.

They are dropping radioactive isotope pellets that will be used for the future drones that carry payloads to vector into position whereby they drop their payloads that set off the EMP. This operation is named Kill Chain Attack. Huge, massive cosmic waves of energy are smashing into our solar system. The first pulse actually hit December 21 and cracked the Earth’s magnetosphere shield. The next big pulse was January 5 and then again on January 27. Both were increasing in size and different in character. The pulses continue coming in. The next massive pulse is due to hit February 18.

It is seven times bigger than the last pulse that set off huge quakes, exploded volcanoes, underwater, etc. All militaries know about this problem and are positioning for it. There is a huge debris field in front of our moving solar system in the Milky Way and we are already getting incoming asteroids and meteorites from it. The rocks range in size from a grain of sand to the size of a car. And they are metal, not ice. Warning there will be impacts on Earth and you will see them. The hot rocks will start fires all over the world.

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