The Left’s Plan To Silence Dissent!

Washington State is on the brink of a major crisis as Attorney General Bob Ferguson plans to silence dissent and punish those who dare to utter conservative views. In a sinister and dangerous move, the AG’s office is now claiming that some conservative views, or anything they deem as “misinformation,” are examples of “domestic extremism.”

A Commission to Silence Dissent

The AG’s office is proposing the creation of a left-wing Domestic Violent Extremism Commission to recommend legislative “solutions to combat disinformation and misinformation.” However, this commission is not about public health, as it would be housed in the Department of Health, but rather to legally penalize, or even commit, political adversaries.

Targeting White Conservatives

The AG’s office makes it clear that they’re primarily interested in targeting white people. The stakeholder group, which included the American Civil Liberties Union, the Council on Islamic Relations, and Planned Parenthood Alliance Advocates, focused on white conservatives, labeling them as extremists. The recommendations of this partisan, left-wing group were used to craft the bill.

The Threat to Free Speech

The commission’s goal is to identify “solutions to combat disinformation and misinformation” and “address early signs of radicalization.” The AG’s office intends to use social media posts to find the “extremists,” with the data collected and stored by the government. However, the question remains, who determines what is disinformation or misinformation?

The Left uses claims of disinformation or misinformation to smear opponents as extremists, and now they’ll be able to use this strategy to silence opposition by throwing them in jail or having them committed under a “public health approach.” AG Ferguson is looking for creative ideas to charge conservatives who protest government overreach and wants to draft new laws if they don’t exist.

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This bill is about targeting speech, not violence. In an interview with PBS, Ferguson said he intends to broaden the definition of domestic terrorism to address things that aren’t a threat to someone but where the state can take action in prevention. He even suggested compelling “extremists” to enter counseling.

Buying Off the Media

The AG’s office plans to fund journalists to fight disinformation and misinformation. Sahar Fathi, a radical left-wing activist and representative from the AG’s office, pitched the bill to a House committee, saying the stakeholders’ group hopes to fund journalists to do their bidding.

Unconstitutionally Silencing Dissent

Ferguson’s approach is unconstitutional, and he’s hoping that a friendly Washington State Supreme Court will ultimately give him a pass. Irredeemably left-wing voters will fall for this scam without realizing its dangers. Supporting this legislation only confirms that they truly don’t understand what the term fascism means.

The Consequences of Silencing Dissent

If the power Ferguson craves was used by their political enemy, Democrats would spend years screeching about fascism. The AG’s bill threatens our freedoms and makes him a political danger. Democrats are indicating that this will pass, which means we’ll be Ferguson’s next victims.


  • What is the Domestic Violent Extremism Commission? The Domestic Violent Extremism Commission is a left-wing commission in the Attorney General’s office with the goal

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