Russia Destroys NATO Control Bunker In Ukraine Wiping Out The American Shadow Command

I have warned for a long time that Putin’s go slow no war is spinning out of control. If this Pravda news report is true, the first American military officers have been killed. Putin’s unwillingness to use sufficient force to quickly end a dangerous, escalating conflict — or the Russian military’s inability to provide the necessary force — is inexplicable.

WF: Missile Strike Of The Russian Armed Forces Destroyed “Shadow Officers” Of NATO In Bunker Control Centers

2:00 pm
10.03.2023 11:27

The Russian military launched a missile strike on Ukrainian infrastructure with a large range of missiles and UAVs, destroying the secret NATO headquarters in Ukraine, reports WarFiles.

According to the Ukrainian side, the strikes were carried out by missiles:

  • X-47 “Dagger,”
  • The X-22,
  • H-101/X-555,
  • UAV “Geran.”

In Kiev, it was immediately reported that 34 missiles were shot down, and eight “as a result of organized counteraction did not reach their goals.”

This is doubtful even for the Ukrainians themselves, who see the results of arrivals in the windows. Citizens believe that the air defense “if they could knock something down on the approach, then a maximum of a couple of deceptions.”

Ukrainian (and American) air defenses are not able to shoot down the “Dagger” at an altitude of 20 km, and after the missile gains altitude, it collapses at great speed on the target and nothing can be done about it.

“In fact, the blow fell on the bunker control and planning centers, as well as on air defense / radar. Major losses of officers, including the American. It seems that the “shadow General Staff” of the proxy-NATO got a lot,” the authors of the “Military Materials” write.

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After that, according to the publication, representatives of the Ukrainian General Staff went to the US Embassy, most likely to transfer the lists of dead.

It is known about hits on the IRIS and NASAMS air defense systems, which worked on desert missiles and were destroyed by the following “ix.” Almost immediately, those publics that posted this information were blocked.

The head of the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, Herman Galushchenko, separately recognized that the missile strike damaged at least three thermal power plants. In fact, energy and military facilities in 12 regions fell under the most powerful shelling.

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