In a bombshell revelation, conservatives Michael Flynn and Alex Jones have teamed up to expose an alarming globalist conspiracy, linking China, Ukraine, and Silicon Valley, which may threaten citizens’ fundamental freedoms, including health and financial autonomy.

The Great Reset Unveiled

Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn warned during an interview with Alex Jones on InfoWars that the recent collapse of several progressive banking institutions may signal the next phase in the Great Reset, granting the federal government unprecedented control over its citizens. Flynn compared the situation to the COVID pandemic, suggesting that the government would use fear to justify transitioning to a new system.

The interview delved into the implementation of Executive Order 14067, which authorizes the transition to a federal digital currency. Flynn warned that this would allow the government to control how citizens spend their hard-earned money. He also highlighted China’s role in pushing for these changes, revealing their 100-year plan to establish global dominance.

Territorial Dispute: A Pretext for Power Grab?

Flynn speculated that President Joe Biden might use the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia as a pretext to seize control over both health and financial systems. This would include relinquishing America’s authority over its pandemic response to the World Health Organization and implementing worldwide vaccine passports, limiting U.S. citizens’ mobility.

The Globalist Agenda

Flynn pointed out that China’s Belt and Road Initiative, aimed at developing trade routes and alliances across Asia, Africa, and Europe, seeks to gradually diminish America’s global influence. He emphasized China’s infiltration into American education, media, and Hollywood, which allows them to manipulate public sentiment. Flynn also identified billionaire oligarchs like George Soros, Klaus Schwab, and Bill Gates as key players in the globalist agenda, seeking more power and wealth.

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Rise and Stand

With limited political solutions available, Flynn called upon America’s freedom-loving citizens to resist the socialist encroachment from the ground up. He urged coordinated action, taking place at every state capitol throughout the U.S., to stand against the globalist-socialist axis. Flynn emphasized the importance of retaining America’s national character in the face of these threats and encouraged citizens to push back against attempts to destroy the fabric of society.

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