Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of March 16, 2023

GCR Update USA

Judy Note After the banks implode and our global financial system goes down, people across the world will be using Quantum Financial System universal Digital Currencies to buy and sell things. Your present bank account will not be mirrored into the new Quantum Financial System. In order to handle and safely store your monies, you will need to set up a QFS bank account called a Quantum Ledger that works out of the Starlink satellite system. The official US debt clock no longer shows US federal Reserve notes. They call it the US treasury Dollar. This restored republic via global currency reset update as published on Dinar Chronicles has been redacted for an unredacted version. See a PDF copy at the very end of the report.

A global currency reset monday evening, 13 March 2 high up Contacts the new rates are locked in on bank screens. Tier one has already gone, tier two is processing right now and tier four, including US the Internet group, will likely go within a couple of days. Twos 14 March bruce Redemption Center staff are scheduled to begin full days of work beginning Wednesday, 15 March. Sources say we may be looking at a Wednesday 15 March or Thursday 16 March start for tier four b to receive notification and set foreign currency exchange and Zim bond redemption appointments. Twos 14 March rod Steel iraq is international and country.

In other words, Iraqis can use their dinar internationally. Once the rate in the budget is announced by the CBI, after Parliament finishes approving the budgets for the next three years and it goes to forex, then we can exchange Yahoo. Twos 14 March marks I have dug for news and everyone connected with it tells me they are just waiting for the reset. I am told the fines and penalties have now passed the eight dollar mark and they are prepared and just waiting on the reset. Absolutely. This could be our week. We are in a sweet spot right now. We are in the best spot we have ever been in the entire history of this thing. We have banks struggling to stay afloat. We have everybody waiting for the next shoe to fall.

We have the Iraq budget passed, the HCL law submitted to be passed. We are in a great spot. Monday, 13 March. RV update. Okie. Not Okie oil man via Twitter this RV of 166 countries is happening now. The US Treasury received word that all systems are green to go. There are no more holdups or delays. As of Friday 10 March, banking systems were able to use the new Unified Payment Interface on the Qfs for foreign currency swaps. Saturday 11 March banks and people of England have started using the new financial system Xlm and XRP.

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The bank of England just announced they will be using hashtag Ripple and hashtag XRPL B two S March 14, 2023 bruce the big call since last Friday 11 March, 71 banks have collapsed just in Northern America alone. The banks which use the fiat US dollar need to collapse or go into bankruptcy in order to bring in the new Gold Slash asset backed US treasury. Note on Monday 13 March. We were told it may take three to four days or until Wednesday to Thursday for the shakeout of the banks to take place. Redemption center staff are scheduled to begin full days of work beginning Wednesday 15 March.

Sources say we may be looking at a Wednesday 15 March or Thursday 16 March start. There may be some disclosure on tribunals coming out on Wednesday 15 March. On Monday 20 March, the currencies are supposed to be announced as gold asset backed the first week in April. Nizara Jazzara could be announced ten days prior to April 15 or April 5. We may get an announcement that we don’t need to file income taxes for 2022.

A consumption tax of 14% to 15% will be collected on new items only. No tax on food or medicine. See Restored Republic JFK Secrets on Telegram corroborated now by three people in my sphere and my own research in my assessment, it is now my very strong belief that SCOTUS has accepted the Brunson case in a five to four decision and will hear it. SCOTUS will rule on the merits of the case, not the posturing of it. The US military is involved in the background with this process and made contact with the Supreme Court in the last seven days.

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It must go through the courts. It must carry weight. Q help save your right to vote in fair and free elections by adding your name to the Brunson petition adding the wording for the justice’s misprision of treason through sending an affidavit to SCOTUS. Those affidavits that included the wording misprision seemed to have had a significant impact in this case. Misprision meant that Congress may have committed treason by not investigating claims of 2020 election fraud.

If SCOTUS was aware of that election fraud and didn’t do anything about it, then those judges do could be guilty of committing treason. Patriots worldwide can help save the US Constitution by adding their name to the Brunt and petition. D how to use the new Quantum Financial System Universal Digital Currencies After our present financial system implodes and the banks go down, people of the world will be using the new Quantum Financial System Universal Digital Currencies to buy and sell things. There are other digital currencies like Bitcoin, but we were told that the best digital currencies were Xlm and XRP, which were backed by precious metals like silver and gold.

Right now, you can purchase Xlm and XRP on crypto wallet. After the banks go down and the Qfs is released, xlm and XRP will go up in value as much as $12,000 each. To buy Xlm and XRP, go to your App store or Play Store and install Trustwallet to create an account. We have also been told that our bank accounts will not automatically be mirrored onto the new quantum financial system. Because the new Qfs will use gold and silver backed Xlm or XRP digital coinage, you will need to convert all your Fiat Monies into those gold and silver backed XLMS or XRPS to do that. Right now, you can set up a QFS bank account called a quantum ledger through Starlink in order to safely store your Monies.

Through that ledger, you can convert your Fiat Monies into gold and silver backed Xlm or XRP and store the digital currency onto the new quantum financial system. Use the below link to set up your personal quantum ledger and then take your Fiat cash or debit card to a Bitcoin ATM machine which have been installed at many local banks. Deposit your Monies there in your personal quantum ledger. That will protect your account Monies from being hacked. The Monies you deposit in your quantum account converts to Xlm or XRP currency when the reset happens.

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That money is safe there, so the banks don’t confiscate it during these bank runs. Right now, you can purchase Xlm or XRP digital currency through crypto wallet. That Xlm or XRP digital currency will go up in value when the reset happens. It would be a good idea to open a quantum account now because that is the account your Monies will be deposited in when you go to your appointment. It would save time at your appointment if you already had an account open. You will not need to open another account at a bank. Banks will no longer be handling your Monies. They will be service centers for your use. Your Monies will be held in your quantum account on the new Starlink satellite system. Only you will be able to access that money or see what is in your account.

Estock market crash and Bank Failures bank stocks Price crash live news coverage First Republic Bank, Western Alliance and more Several bank stocks are crashing this morning toos march 14, 2023, including First Republic Bank, Western Alliance and more. In the aftermath of the Silicon Valley Bank and Signature bank closings, how big is the latest Fed bailout? Dollar 210 BN for just the big four banks, our debt limit is maxed out at dollar 31, comma 4 trillion. Yet somehow the US. Treasury can back all bank deposits in the USA with unlimited risk and make all depositors whole, while banks have plus $600 billion in unrealized losses on their books.

You can’t taper a Ponzi Twos 14 March goldilocks even credit unions are liquidating. The bottom line is these banks have to be Basel Three compliant by March 20. If banks are not compliant, many more will begin to fail. Basel Four is here. We will see banking regulators step in to take charge in transitioning banks to the new digital asset based monetary system, or they will be consolidating with a bigger bank.

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