JUDY BYINGTON BIG UPDATE Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of March 17, 2023

GCR Update USA

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of March 17, 2023: Judy note, unfortunately, there are nefarious ones who track our communication, our intel exchanges, and various updates, including mine. Their number one goal is to exploit our weaknesses and do us harm. Yesterday’s update began with how to use the new Quantum Financial System Universal Digital Currencies’s information that was now believed to be bogus. I deeply apologize. In communicating with some high up sources, including Charlie Ward, this encouragement to sign up for a Quantum ledger was not connected to anything in the QFS and appeared to be a scam. To obtain the information, I had several hours of communication with Q, the Storm writer on Telegram, who I thought was an honest person, not.

A Patriot Frank contacted me who, with his wife, had done some serious research on Q, the Storm writer, and his information. I deeply appreciate their taking the time to inform us of the possible scam. Big problem, all indications point to Quantum Leisurefirm. N et as a scam. Go to their home page and scroll to the very bottom. At the bottom right, you will see terms of service and privacy policy in very light type. Click on one of these and it will take you to a website called lobster. C o, which is based in Belarus. Any litigation against this company has to go through the courts of Belarus, which is in Eastern Europe, next to Russia. The Registrar for Quantum Lodger Firm.

N et is Olaboon Miatadara out of Nigeria. This website does not have their own servers. They are in the Cloud. Even reading their website, there are grammatical errors that suggested it was written by a foreigner. Their ranking is extremely low, strongly suggesting a scam. Please disregard what was written about this in yesterday’s update and certainly don’t put any information or money into the Quantum Leisurefirm. I sincerely apologize if I have caused any problems by publishing the information.

Judy. A, what we think we know thus of wood. Evening March 15, 2023, last September, Charlie Ward reported that our bank accounts were mirrored onto the new Quantum Financial System. On Saturday 11th of March, banks and people of England started using the new financial system, XLM and XRP. The Bank of England announced they will be using #ripple and #XRPL. 107 via Cata’s thesis 3, the scam is the whole system is bankrupt. But the crew that’s actually running it in the city of London is not bankrupt. They’ve just done slight of hand with all the ETFs and their stuff out of Switzerland and 50 other ways you haven’t seen in the digital world that they control.

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You’re seeing what they want you to see not what’s actually happening. We’re in a fight over going to a gold backed currency. We have massive reserves of gold. There is an excellent plan of going to gold backed currency. It’s absolutely brilliant. Wednesday, 15th of March, Red Pill 78. The banking collapse continues as reverberations rock the financial world with American banks reporting two dollars in the red. We are very close to the reboot of the financial system.

Be Restored Republic. Wednesday, 15th of March, Brunson petition. Okay, so we sent the third petition to the US Supreme Court 10 days ago, overnight express, and it finally arrived in Washington, DC, this morning at 1 32 AM. Usps is claiming weather conditions as to the reason for the delay. Anyway, it looks like through their claims department, I won’t be charged for shipping. Oh, wow, man. But at least it arrived in the city. Next. The Office of the Cleric will sign for it, and then they will let us know if they are willing to put it on the docket. I’ll let you know. Jfk Secrets on Telegram, corroborated now by three people in my sphere and my own research. In my assessment, it is now my very strong belief that Scott us has accepted the Brunson case in a five to four decision. And we’ll hear it. Scott us will rule on the merits of the case, not the posturing of it.

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The US military is involved in the background with this process and made contact with the Supreme Court in the last seven days. It must go through the courts. It must carry weight, Q. Help save your right to vote in fair and free elections by adding your name to the Brunson petition, adding the wording for the Justice’s Misprision of treason through sending an affidavit to Scotis. Those affidavits that included the wording misprison seem to have had a significant impact. In this case, misprision meant that Congress may have committed treason by not investigating claims of 2020 election fraud. If Scotus was aware of that election fraud and didn’t do anything about it, then those judges, too, could be guilty of committing treason. Patriots worldwide can help save the US Constitution by adding their name to the Brunson petition.

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See global currency reset. Monday evening, March 2, high up contacts. The new rates are locked in on bank screens. Tier 1 has already gone. Tier 2 is processing right now in tier 4, including us, the internet group, will likely go within a couple of days. Twos. 14th of March Bruce, sources say we may be looking at a Wednesday 15th of March or Thursday, 16th of March start for tier 4B to receive notification and set foreign currency exchange and Zimbond redemption appointments. Tuesday, 14th of March. Rod Steele, Iraq. Dinar is international in country.

In other words, Iraqis can use their Denali internationally. Wednesday, 15th of March, Wolverine. The Iraq Denali is now international and we should see that trading on 4x maybe at any hour. Remember, the Iraq denar is the lynchpin to start the RV. I don’t think I’ll be getting any sleep tonight. Wednesday, 15th of March marks. Today they are scrambling and scrambling hard. Banks are tanking like we said they would. They are already talking about the reset now all over the place in world news. And the need to wipe debt and go back to an asset backed currency. My banking contacts are still of the mindset that we are going to see something around the 20th or so.

Lots of chatter kicked off today about fines and penalties, with some believed to start delivering possibly as early as tomorrow. My DHS source thinks that they will start Friday night through Saturday. Fingers crossed and I am praying, guys, as I am expecting two different deliveries. I am hopeful this is accurate. Most of the chatter out of Iraq is looking at this weekend as well. Remember, we do not know the timing, but the chatter is exceptionally good. A number of folks in the Re no Crowd is calling for it this evening. I think that may be a little premature, but I hope they are right and I am wrong. I got permission to share this one today. A person who left a credit union and started working for a regional bank. They were recently told about the Foreign currency exchange and was told that right now the denar was acting funny on all of their screens.

Then they had a meeting with the top dogs and she asked if they were Basel backed. The look on his face was very surprised that I knew about this. But he said, yes, we are Basel 3 backed. Now we come to the bills. For some reason, they have many 2017 crisp and new looking bills they may have been expecting a bank run. Also, they are having regular meetings on the wealth management side every two weeks. Also, we had training on NDAs and how seriously we would have to take the NDAs. We have not yet been asked to sign any. Monday, 13th of March, RV update. Oki, not Oki oil man. Via Twitter, this RV of 166 countries is happening now.

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The US Treasury received word that all systems are green to go. There are no more holdups or delays. As of Friday, 10th of March, banking systems were able to use the new Unified Payment Interface, UPEI on the QFS for foreign currency swaps. D, January sixth Insurrection. Trump requests immediate release of January sixth prisoners. Ecovid monkeypox Ebola drug VAX hoax. Judge rules on request from Moderna to dismiss claims against company’s vaccine contract. F, election fraud, Florida. Two people have been charged with third degree felonies for election crimes in Florida. G Bank collapses and closures. Wednesday, 15th of March, Sean Foo, the SVB collapse has spread a contention now affecting regional banks in the United States.

Regional banks are seeing a crazy stock plunge as investors are pulling out their money. But it gets worse. The SVB bailouts have set up a bailout crisis that could spike inflation higher if more banks collapse. The higher interest rates go, the more pain the banks will feel. Here’s what you must know. Black Swan event, Silicon Valley Bank collapse. The Mexican drug cartels pulled out $42 billion from Silicon Valley Bank, crashing the bank. Silicon had $40 billion in Mexican drug cartel money exit fast, all tied to New Hampshire trusts and other funds hiding in South Dakota.

This SV bank event is an attack on drug cartels. Svb funneled money to certain politicians. Just in, First Republic Bank downgraded to junk by S&P on elevated risk of deposit outflows. Credit Suisse shares tumbled to new record low. Saudi’s pull funding, trading halts. Here’s who benefited from Silicon Valley Bank executive, packed donations before collapse. Each last hour alert what no one talks about. We are living a black Wednesday.

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