Legal Expert: DOJ Leaks In Trump Case ‘Reinforce’ Claims He’s Being Targeted Politically

A legal expert blasted the Biden Department of Justice over a number of leaks to the media regarding cases involving former President Donald Trump, saying they “further reinforce” Republican claims that the probes are politically motivated and not based on any sound criminal evidence. The criticism comes after the leaking of a sealed opinion from … Read more

Biden Has Awkward Moment On Camera, Listen To What The Audience Does

Every day, another terrible error from President Joseph Biden. On Tuesday, Biden made remarks at the White House Conservation in Action Summit, where he announced that he is creating a new national monument — Avi Kwa Ame in Nevada. Nevertheless, there was a significant issue: he had no idea how to say it. One would … Read more

Why is DeSantis sliding in 2024 potential polls?

Why is DeSantis sliding in 2024 potential polls? Because people are waking up that he is Skull&Bones and f**** the people of FL when Fema came to town during Hurricane IAN. Trump will win again….articles tomorrow…had drs appointments to day to deal with. Donald Trump: 54% Ron DeSantis: 26% Mike Pence: 7% Nikki Haley: 4% … Read more

Trump Running from and getting beat down by NYC police are not real

Photos circulating online of Trump running from and getting beat down by NYC police are not real. They are AI made. Seeing is no longer believing–that’s how invasive AI has become Three is a reason President Trump has chosen to hold is first rally in Waco this Saturday; it’s the 30th anniversary of the Waco … Read more

sraeli PM Moves To Stop Proposed Law Banning The Gospel In The Holy Land

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ruled out approving a proposed law that would have made it illegal to mention the Gospel in the Jewish state. “We will not advance any law against the Christian community,” he said in a tweet. He was responding to a move by two senior members of Israel’s parliament known … Read more

Ep.27 Siberian Fallen Angel , siberian fallen angel statue , fallen angel statue russia

Ep.27 Siberian Fallen Angel , siberian fallen angel statue , fallen angel statue russia Miners of the Elga coal deposit (Yakut) in Siberia dug up a strange statue in the form of a woman with a sword and shield, and behind it there seem to be wings, like a fallen angel. The statue was unearthed … Read more

Biden Administration Disagrees With Economists, Says U.S. Not Seeing ‘A Recession Or Pre-Recession’

During Wednesday’s press briefing, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that the Biden administration believes that the United States has a “strong economy” and that it is not about to enter a recession. The Biden administration’s beliefs come in conflict with economic experts who believe the United States will enter a recession this year. … Read more

German Government And Media Admit ‘Covid’ Vaccine Damage, Victims Tell Their Horrific Stories

Long-term symptoms can occur after a Covid infection but also after a Covid vaccination. Unfortunately, vaccine manufacturers are legally protected thanks to Germany’s government, and those affected feel deeply disappointed and betrayed. They fight for the correct diagnosis and treatment, the assumption of treatment costs, and the recognition of vaccination damage. German news station ZDF … Read more

Would Trump Indictment Help Or Hurt Former President’s 2024 Bid To Win Back White House?

Former President Donald Trump would make history again if he became the first president to be indicted in a criminal case. While an indictment for any alleged crime — and whatever arrest or court hearings accompany it — may sound like a death knell for a politician on the ballot, Trump is far from a … Read more

Watch: Carlson Blasts Biden’s DOJ: ‘These Are Americans!’

As Americans, we have the right to be outraged by the latest move by the Biden administration and the Department of Justice to target Trump voters. Fox News host Tucker Carlson spoke out against this injustice in his show’s opening monologue on Tuesday. He said that the DOJ was “not just after former President Donald … Read more