America Could Turn The Philippines Into The Next Ukraine In Proxy War With China

The United States could turn the Philippines into the next Ukraine by using the Southeast Asian nation to fight a proxy war against China. The Office of the Spokesperson of the U.S. Department of State recently announced that Under Secretary for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland will be meeting with senior Philippine officials “to discuss key aspects of the U.S.-Philippines alliance,” to consult with other leaders, civil society executives and young entrepreneurs to discuss “the full range of global issues.”

(Related: China may have already deployed unstoppable hypersonic missiles capable of targeting American bases in the Pacific .)

The Integrated Development Studies Institute (IDSI), a Manila-based think tank, warned that Nuland’s visit could raise the possibility of the Philippines being involved in a future war between China and the U.S. “in which the U.S. will fight a proxy war against China up to the last Filipino […]

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