BREAKING: FBI Infiltration Of J6 Defense Team Exposed In Lawsuit!

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A Tangled Web of Deception

Newly disclosed legal documents reveal that the FBI infiltrated the Jan. 6 defense team with the aim of undermining the trial and ensuring maximum sentences for the defendants. Former Proud Boys national chairman Enrique Tarrio, along with Ethan Nordean, Joseph Biggs, Zachary Rehl, and Dominic Pezzola, are on trial for allegedly conspiring “to oppose the lawful transfer of presidential power by force.”

In a shocking revelation, Rehl’s lawyer Carmen Hernandez stated in a court filing that a key witness set to appear in the defense case was an FBI informant from April 2021 to at least January 2023. The informant had been in electronic communication with one or more defense counsel members and at least one defendant during that time.

Infiltration and Interference

According to the filing, the informant participated in prayer meetings with family members of one or more defendants and even discussed replacing one of the defense counsel with a defendant’s family member. In response, Rehl and his fellow defendants began preparing a motion to dismiss their indictment or hold an evidentiary hearing.

The court filing also demanded the release of all FBI interview reports and Department of Justice memos concerning the recording and reporting of the defense team. Previously, court filings suggested that the FBI had up to eight informants within the Proud Boys during the months surrounding the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

Implications and Potential Consequences

The consequences of this infiltration could have far-reaching implications for the legal process and public trust in law enforcement. If the allegations are proven true, it would signify a profound breach of the defendants’ right to a fair trial, raising questions about the integrity of the criminal justice system.

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Moreover, such revelations could lead to increased scrutiny of the FBI’s tactics and potential abuses of power. It remains to be seen whether this exposure will result in the dismissal of the indictment or trigger an evidentiary hearing. In any case, the unfolding scandal underscores the need for transparency and accountability in the pursuit of justice.

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