Putin To Station Nuclear Weapons In Belarus For First Time In Decades

Russian President Vladimir Putin is stationing nuclear weapons in Belarus for the first time in decades. The Russian leader announced the move to place tactical nuclear weapons in the neighboring Eastern European country on Saturday in response to the United Kingdom providing Ukraine with armor-piercing rounds containing depleted uranium, according to the Associated Press. Putin has falsely accused the U.K. of providing Ukraine weapons “with a nuclear opponent.”

The decision to place tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus comes more than a year after Putin announced his invasion of Ukraine, which has previously sparked concern over the potential for escalation into a wider conflict, including the use of nuclear weapons.

“I would like to highlight that, without breaking our international commitments on not spreading nuclear weapons, we already helped our Belarus colleagues to re-equip their planes. Planes of Belarus Air Forces. Ten planes are ready for using this type of weapon,” Putin said during a broadcast on Saturday. “We already transferred to Belarus our well-known and very effective Iskander complex, and it can also be a carrier.”

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