Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of March 27, 2023

Judy note, must watch video about Quantum Financial System, deep state crash and steps of exchanging at redemption centers. Dave XRP Lyon discusses the deep state crash in the Quantum System with Nicholas Veneyamin. Neisera will begin on N or before April first, 2023, Juan Osaven. There is an internal civil war going on in the US. They instill fear in order to control people. There will be mass genocide of the people because of those who got the vaccine. There will be an economic collapse. The country is going to go through a near death experience, informally break up and then reorganize under local control with states rights over ruling large government control.

People will be able to manage their own affairs at a local level. Must watch video, one or seven, stocking intel, exposing all the deep state banking networks worldwide. Biden attempts to start World War III and hits Syria with 20 US missiles. Since Friday, 10th of March, central banks across the globe have been failing Ukraine child harvesting revealed by Russian troops who saved the children. Revealed, extensive voter fraud in 2020 election by Chinese Communist Party and cooperation with the Democratic Party US Military Count of 2020 election. Watermarked ballots verified Trump won by an over 80 % vote in every state. Trump never said he was running in 2024. He only said he was running for President. Revealed, corrupt US Court and legal system. Revealed, Biden crime family received payouts from Chinese Communist Party.

A global currency reset. Since Friday, 10th of March, banking systems have been using the new Unified Payment Interface, U PI on the Quantum Financial System, QFS for foreign currency swaps. Monday, 13th of March, the new currency rates of the global currency reset were locked in on bank screens. Tier 1 had already gone. Tier 2 was processing too high up contacts. Monday 20th of March, on this first day of spring, a global currency reset of 66 nations began as the Iraqi dynar revalued in country and began trading on the forex. According to Bruce, Iraq citizens have been exchanging in country at a decent rate just under seven, and that’s the in country rate for dinar. By Wednesday 22nd of March, currencies of over 200 countries and 11,000 institutions have completed their digital integration of bank accounts from the global central banking system to the Quantum Financial System, GFS, ran through #ISO2222 in the new Starlink satellite system.

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By Thursday 23rd of March, over 200 countries and 11,000 institutions have completely disconnected from the old Cabal, Swift, Fiat money CBDC system and switched over to the new gold asset backed Quantum Financial System. The CBC has completely disconnected from the Quantum Financial System and the first day of the new calendar year for the QFS will be first of April. Project Sandman had also completed where 100 plus nations global agreement ended the dominance of the US dollar and Petro dollar. The Federal Reserve was technically bankrupt. In 2023, the Fed will post its first annual operating loss of $80 billion since 1915. It will have a negative capital of $38 billion. This loss does not count the $1.3 trillion unrealized loss on its portfolio. The QFS destroys the central banking system. Qfs destroys central banking system. Qfs stops the deep state in their track. Global currency reset. Trust the plan.

With activation of the quantum financial system, the world will be flooded with gold backed currencies designed to eliminate the old cabal financial system where central banksters were in control over all financial transactions. The alliance will have completely destroyed the Rothschild central banking system that has been designed by Meyer Amschel Rothschild, 1744 to 1812, to control the world economy and put the world population into debt slavery. Be restored Republic. There is no United States government with a constitution. This has been part of the smoke and mirrors game since 1755, enhanced in 1871 and going ballistic in 2021. All US justices come from administrative courts using UCC and admirable law. Anonymous high up contact, remember, everything is smoke and mirrors from the possible Trump arrest to the big guy fake President’s arrest. The war is still happening largely behind the scenes with major players in every profession being taken out one by one.

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Whenever the military hammer finally does fall, it will primarily be an ankle brace roundup and the mass incarnation of the remaining small frieze, many of whom have already been convicted under military law. The Alliance is now focused on the evil one’s capabilities to make war and do massive damage. I. E. The Alliance is focused on the destruction of their monetary supply, central banks, Fed. Once this final phase of the mission is complete, all else will manifest rather quickly. I still maintain in seven days, seven weeks, or in seven months. No one knows, but a select few. Scott Bennett with 107. Bennett is a long time friend and confidant of 107and is a white hat Patriot to the core. He brings his unmatched, overqualified intelligence and experience and science to this discussion.

Scott Bennett served time in prison for exposing the crimes of the dark deep state cabal. He has just returned from Iran to discuss his thoughts on America’s current situation and the truth about America’s inside war against the deep state. Brunson v. Adams is a case attempting to get heard at the Supreme Court that is against 385 persons in Congress, plus Biden, Harris, and Pence, who voted to certify the 2020 election. Those in government service swears an oath to protect the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. The fact that Congress certified the vote without verifying that the votes were valid meant they didn’t protect the citizens constitutional right to fair representation. This is a treasonous act. The remedy is they can no longer hold office 107. See collapse of World Banks. In a nuclear blow to the UBS, the Western financial system is collapsing. Deutsche Bank on verge of bankruptcy. Friday 24th of March, Western financial system collapsing. Deutsche Bank on verge of bankruptcy.

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Fears of a crash in Deutsche Bank and UBS Black Friday for international markets, the Western financial system has entered a Vortex of total collapse from which it will be very difficult to escape. Deutsche Bank as well as the only now bit Swiss bank, UBS are on the verge of bankruptcy. The Americans are driving the entire Western financial system into collapse. If UBS goes bankrupt, then a neutral Switzerland is over and with it Deutsche Bank ends taking other European banks with it. Almost 200 US banks are at risk of financial collapse. The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and last weekend’s emergency bailout of Credit Suisse have rattled investors, raising questions about the broader stability of the financial industry at a time of high inflation and rapidly rising interest rates.

Ddeep state, New World Order, CDC that NIH, FDA, World Economic Forum and Big Pharma, IRS and Federal Reserve, along with the World Banks and Wall Street, will be exposed. Media Greer, Deep State, New World Order, CDC that NIH, FDA, World Economic Forum and Big Pharma, IRS and Federal Reserve, along with the World Banks and Wall Street, will be exposed. In the near future, we are going to see a big shake from Washington, DC. There will be great things happening in Congress. Instead, the verbs will have to be reported by mainstream media and reported globally. Take a closer look at politicians, oligarchs, health leaders, and world leaders in the news.

Everyone will start turning their backs and running away in fear. You will watch and witness the dismantling of the New World Order agenda. There’s a river of information coming in when you’re aware something is wrong. Those who have seen the beginning of this truth about COVID 19 and distrust in vaccines. The CDC, NIH, FDA, World Economic Forum and Big Pharma, IRS and Federal Reserve, along with the World Banks and Wall Street, will be exposed to all illegal banking activities, taxes and the plan to enslave us.

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