Trump Can’t Win Without Recognizing His Flaws

Now that Donald Trump has been indicted, the left will get its mug shot and a month-long orgy of barking media hate. But the Republicans are already coming to Trump’s defense. Alvin Bragg did what the party has been unable to do: seal the cracks threatening party unity. He convinced patriots that our fight is … Read more

French Keep Dining While Protest Fires Burn Outside

Among the more famous memes floating around the Internet features a cartoon dog sitting at a table sipping coffee while fires rage all around. Titled “This is Fine,” the meme was invoked recently by countless observers pointing out its resemblance to a recent viral video depicting a group of restaurant patrons in France who blithely … Read more


As a Bud Light boycott is brewing, some beer lovers are wondering if Miller is also owned by Anheuser-Busch. This spring saw Bud Light partner with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney, sending her a case of personalized beers to celebrate her “365 days of womanhood.” In the midst of the growing anti-trans rhetoric in US media, this … Read more

‘Classy Broad’: Stormy Daniels Gloats Over Trump’s Arraignment With Another Smutty Tweet

Porn actress Stormy Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, took to Twitter to gloat on Tuesday after former President Donald Trump was indicted in an act of political revenge by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Brigg. The fact that she posted an XXX-rated tweet shows on one hand that not only does Daniels understand the … Read more

White House Spins First Lady Idiot, Jill Biden’s Invite To Second-Place Team

This week, there was yet-another major gaffe by a member of the Biden family. But this time, it was not President Brain-Dead Biden, but First Lady Idiot, Jill Biden. After the Louisiana State University Tigers women’s basketball team beat the Iowa Hawkeyes in the NCAA title game, the First Lady said she’d love to have … Read more

Brandon Johnson Wins Chicago Mayor Election

Cook County Commissioner Brandon Johnson was elected Chicago’s next mayor Tuesday night, multiple outlets reported, defeating former Chicago Failing Public Schools CEO Paul Vallas in a runoff race marked by contention over policing. Johnson is a longtime member of the Chicago Teachers Union, which broke its own rules by donating more than $1.5 million in … Read more

Florida Top Democrat, State Senator Arrested During Abortion Bill Protest

Florida protests following the state senate’s approval of a ban on abortions after six weeks resulted in the arrest of both a state senator and the top Democratic Party member in the state. Democratic Party chair Nikki Fried and state Democratic Sen. Lauren Book were two of 11 people arrested by the Tallahassee Police Department. … Read more

U.S. Troops Spotted Doing Drills With South Korea

Last week, South Korean and American troops launched their largest amphibious attack drills in years near Pohang on the eastern coast of South Korea, Reuters reported. The amphibious attack drills featured around 12,000 sailors and Marines from both countries, as well as 70 aircraft, 30 warships, and 50 amphibious assault vehicles. The USS Makin Island, … Read more

Ukraine Nuclear Plant Faces A Developing Crisis

19FortyFive reports that Southern Ukraine is facing a possible water shortage problem. But it’s not people’s thirst that would be the only problem. There is something else that has an inexhaustive need for hydration. Ukrhydroenergo’s general director Ihor Syrota warned in an interview that Europe’s most extensive nuclear facility, the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Station in … Read more

‘Christmas Morning For Crazy People’ As Media, Celebs Rejoice Over Trump’s Arrest

Former President Donald J. Trump appeared in a New York City courtroom amidst a circus atmosphere of celebrating in the streets as a rare sunny day broke out for perpetually miserable leftists who reacted like small children on Christmas morning with the jubilation spreading from lower Manhattan to television studios and exploded like fireworks across … Read more