VIDEO: CBS Employee Attacks Journalist: Threatens Trump Supporters!

A CBS News staffer was caught on camera assaulting independent photojournalist Oren Levy outside Donald Trump’s arraignment in New York on Tuesday. Levy frequently shares viral clips on Twitter under the handle @ViralNewsNYC.

The video shows a sizable black sound technician grabbing and pushing Levy, repeatedly exclaiming, “Don’t f*ck with me.” After the two are separated, the man then threatens Levy: “I will kill you!”

The attacker was part of Roxana Saberi’s crew covering the arraignment for CBS News.

Levy recounted the incident to The Post Millennial: “I was filming George Santos, a large crowd of cameras were around him. The guy who assaulted me started telling me I should move. He also tried to push my coffee out of my hand and was elbowing me in the back. I told him to chill, and then he attacked me.”

In response to the attack, Benny Johnson tweeted, “What if it’s the media who is really the one inciting violence?”

The assailant has been identified on Twitter, but The Post Millennial has not independently verified his identity at the time of publication.

No arrest was made.

The Ramifications of Media-Instigated Violence

This disturbing incident involving a CBS News staffer assaulting an independent journalist raises concerns about the potential consequences of media-incited violence. The aggression displayed towards Levy, coupled with the threat against Trump supporters, highlights a worrisome trend of hostility in the current political climate.

As tensions rise and divisions deepen, there is a growing need for responsible behavior from media personnel. The consequences of such violent acts can exacerbate existing conflicts and further damage the credibility of journalism as a whole. It is crucial for media organizations to address these issues and strive for an environment where independent journalists can work without fear of assault or intimidation.

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