Former U.S President Obama to Relocate to Kenya in June

Former US President Barack Obama is resettling in Kenya for at least a year as Special Envoy for US Diplomacy (SED), a deployment which he said “makes me truly grateful as I pay tribute to the land of my father- and forefathers”. Nominated by President Joe Biden, who was Obama’s Vice President between 2009 and … Read more

SG Anon: Situation Update – “The Storm Is Coming” 4/7/2023 (Video)

SG Anon: Situation Update – “The Storm Is Coming” 4/7/2023 It’s coming NOW! The storm of retribution is HERE and it’s gonna blow everything UP! It’s all coming to a head and We the People are tired of the constant corruption and lies! See this latest SG Anon Intel drop!

Communist China Has A Strong Grip On America’s Most Important Medicines

As the world emerged from the lockdowns imposed during 2020-21, it became obvious there were issues with the supply chain that could dramatically impact the United States. Unfortunately, that weakness could become a weapon in the hands of a country that seeks to become the globe’s number one superpower, which perfectly describes the intentions of … Read more

WATCH: ABC News Caught RED-HANDED Censoring Trump’s Campaign

Maverick President Donald J. Trump faces another barrier as ABC News blurs out his fundraising text from his speech. Shockingly, the network censored the self-made billionaire and businessman-turned-politician from collecting funds from his supporters- a blatant attempt to derail his re-election campaign.

VIDEO: Hollywood Celebrity Calls For The CLEANSING Of Trump Supporters

A-list celebrity Will Smith has crossed a line in his latest political comments. In a shocking revelation, Smith called for the monitoring, listing and, ultimately, the cleansing of Trump supporters in America. Read on to find out why this Hollywood elite has gone too far.

She Was Urinating Worms For Over Three Months, Where This Immigrant Woman Came From….

A shocking tale of a 50-year-old woman who relocated from Mexico to Charleston, South Carolina, serves as a stark warning to everyone: be mindful of the water you drink and seek medical help immediately if something seems off. For three excruciating months, the woman experienced a wriggling sensation when urinating and discovered “worms” (fly larvae) … Read more

Raytheon Unveils New Dylan Mulvaney-Branded Patriot Missile

Transgender visibility took yet another step forward today as Raytheon unveiled its new Patriot missile endorsed by transgender TikTok personality Dylan Mulvaney. President Biden immediately celebrated this new line of missiles, hailing it as a leap forward in lethal diversity. “It’s got this Dylan fella’s face all over it,” President Biden said in short remarks … Read more

Newsom Touring The Country As Even He Can’t Stand Being In California Anymore

California Governor Gavin Newsom made a surprise visit to Florida this week, as even he can’t stand being in California anymore. “It’s so great to be among the great people of Florida, on the other side of the country, miles, and miles, and miles away from California,” said Newsom to a group of college students … Read more

Bud Light Attempts To Win Back Christians With John MacArthur Edition

Finding themselves in hot water with Christians and conservatives this week, Anheuser-Busch has extended an olive branch to the Christian community with its new John MacArthur edition of Bud Light. The commemorative aluminum can features the pastor’s joyful face along with a message commending him on many years of faithful service to Christ and the … Read more

JUDY BYINGTON BIG UPDATE Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of April 8, 2023

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of April 8, 2023: Judy note, there were several indications that liquidity for the global currency reset would happen by Monticello’s 10, 11th of April. A, what we think we know is of Thursday, April sixth, 2023. The world was headed into a global financial collapse with banks … Read more