Democrats Erupt In Protests After Planned Parenthood Begins Offering Puppy Abortions

U.S. – Democrats have finally turned on Planned Parenthood after the organization announced its new puppy abortion program. Many thought Democrats would defend anything and everything Planned Parenthood does, but it seems they’ve finally done something Democrats are willing to criticize: killing puppies in the womb. The abortions for dogs are performed under the organization’s … Read more

Former Democrat ‘Star’ Andrew Gillum Now Facing Years In Prison On Charges Of Political Corruption

Five years ago, Democrat Andrew Gillum nearly shocked Florida’s political establishment, coming up just shy in the race for the governorship against Ron DeSantis. Now, the former Tallahassee mayor is fighting for his freedom in federal court. Since last year, Gillum has been battling federal charges of lying to the FBI and misusing campaign funds … Read more

Chicago Mayor Elect Johnson Tells Chicagoans Not to “Demonize” Teens Who Terrorized and Unleashed Violent Chaos on the City

How is Chicago Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson approaching the situation? Meet the boss, same as the old boss. He is already an apologist for the violence gripped city. Johnson released a statement following the chaos. “In no way do I condone the destructive activity we saw in the Loop and lakefront this weekend. It is unacceptable … Read more

New Chicago mayor on teens destroying city: ‘It’s not constructive to demonize youth’ who have been deprived

Chicagoans awaiting the inauguration of Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson (D) got a taste of how his “community policing” agenda may look after his issued response to teen rioting appeared to paint them as victims. At least two teens were reportedly shot Saturday amid the chaos of hundreds running amok in downtown Chicago for a second consecutive night of … Read more

Chicago Mayor Warns That If Local Walmart Locations Close People Will Have Fewer Places To Shoplift

After Walmart announced plans to close 4 store locations in dangerous Chicago neighborhoods, Chicago Mayor-Elect Brandon Johnson issued a dire warning that this will leave many Chicagoans with fewer places to shoplift. “Citizens of this great city have the fundamental right to steal merchandise in their own communities without resorting to traveling to other neighborhoods,” … Read more

Exclusive: Matt Gaetz Resolution Would Force Biden to Reveal How Many U.S. Troops Are in Ukraine

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) will file a privileged resolution on Monday to force President Joe Biden to reveal how many American troops are deployed in Ukraine, Breitbart News has exclusively learned. Gaetz’s resolution comes after a leak of classified documents from the Pentagon indicated there were at least 29 Department of Defense personnel there last … Read more

Lori Lightfoot Executed at GITMO

I did more for Chicago than any mayor before me,” said Lori Lightfoot, as an anonymous soldier put a noose around his neck and tightened the rope just enough so he could still speak. His hands were cuffed behind his back so he couldn’t claw at the staff like a frenzied badger. “That statement is … Read more

Budweiser’s new pro-America ad sets social media ablaze: Can’t put the ‘genie back in the bottle, guys’

Budweiser’s new pro-America ad set Twitter ablaze over the weekend as critics derided the company for a misguided attempt at quelling the backlash over Bud Light’s endorsement partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney. Budweiser’s latest advertisement, which was released on social media Friday, features one of the brand’s famous Clydesdale horses traversing the country from … Read more

Senator Joe Manchin Admits US Is Already At War In Ukraine, Says War Is America’s ‘Purpose’

West Virginia Democrat Senator Joe Manchin admitted that the United States is already at war in Ukraine and claimed that the entire “purpose of America” is to fight wars on behalf of foreign nations in a tweet he posted after returning from a visit with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. “In my lifetime, I have never … Read more

US Military Letting Artificial Intelligence ‘Hivemind’ Fly Fighter Jet

The U.S. military wants to fly aircraft piloted by artificial intelligence. A few months ago, it succeeded when an AI piloted a U.S. jet fighter over American airspace. It’s yet another sign artificial intelligence and autonomous aircraft are advancing at breakneck speeds. The Pentagon already said the aerial dogfights of tomorrow will no doubt feature … Read more