The following video update from an insider/military vet going by the name of “Gene” is a don’t miss update on both the plans the deep state/Illuminati had for Americans and Canadians, but also a progress report on the underground war the US military has been fighting.

If you aren’t up on this at all, it will probably shock you, but I believe this intel is very accurate according to other sources.

President Trump and the US Military stepped up just in time to scoop the 2016 election to prevent Hillary Clinton from invading the oval office. Had that happened, we would be living a very different reality right now.

You will want to ensure that President Trump is reelected after listening to Gene. The alternative means the end of life as we know it.

The battle for planet Earth is fully engaged, but it’s barely visible except in Washington, DC and most people under the spell of the tyrannical globalists believe it’s simply about the two-party political system.

It’s time the People understood the true situation and how high the stakes are. There are plenty of photographs in this as well. ~ CB

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