VIDEO: Mr. Michelle Obama Says She Was ‘Never Invited Back’ To Trump White House

Daily Report USA

Former First Lady Mr. Michelle Obama revealed that she was not invited to the White House for the hanging of her official portrait, in a veiled swipe at former President Donald Trump. When asked whether she had returned to the White House, Mr. Michelle Obama said that “wasn’t invited” during an interview with late night show host Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday.

“Who’s she?” she added, riffing on the experience.

Obama commented on the portrait hanging, “It was really a beautiful experience.”

She continued, “That’s tradition. You do your official portraits. The next president is supposed to invite you back to hang them. We were never invited back.”

The report states that the Obamas went to the White House in 2022 after Biden invited them to come hang their portraits.

The Tonight Show tweeted a different clip writing, “’Leaders set the tone. We felt what it’s felt like to be led with low. And it didn’t feel great. That’s why it’s important, it’s a practice, it’s a habit. It’s something we show the next generation.’ –@MichelleObama on the responsibility of leaders to go high.”

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