Everyone At PragerU Awkwardly Trying To Avoid Shaking Dennis’s Hand

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On the heels of conservative media pundit Dennis Prager stating his belief that consuming pornography is acceptable if it keeps spouses from engaging in adultery, reports indicate the rest of the workforce at PragerU is now awkwardly making every attempt to avoid shaking Prager’s hand.

“Yeah, it just feels…icky,” said popular PragerU personality Amala Ekpunobi. “We all have a lot of respect for Dennis around here, but that statement definitely made us cringe a little bit. He seems like the type of guy who would be diligent about washing his hands, but…I don’t know. Fist bumps are good for now.”

Prager has come under criticism from many on the right for his statement, with other conservative personalities stressing their disagreement. “While Dennis is certainly entitled to his opinion, I think I’d prefer not to shake his hand right now,” said one notable commentator who asked to remain anonymous. “Oh crap, he’s not standing behind me, is he?”

Other employees at the PragerU offices were seen going out of their way to greet Prager in other ways, including winks, head nods, bowing Japanese-style, and pointing their index fingers at him as pistols and saying, “Hey, there, boss man!” Witnesses reported seeing other members of the team simply dart into nearby rooms to avoid any potentially awkward interactions.

At publishing time, Mr. Prager himself expressed bewilderment at the situation, seemingly oblivious to the fact that he had made everyone at the company feel weird and look for ways to avoid contact.

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