Deep State Clones Expire After Three Years, Cloning Scientist Tells Military

Deep State clones exist for only three years once they leave their maturation chambers and are recalled to a reclamation center at least one week before they expire, according to a Deep State cloning scientist who was arrested by U.S. Special Forces in early January and taken to an undisclosed safe house for a lengthy … Read more

Maybelline Faces Backlash Online over Dylan Mulvaney’s Partnership

Maybelline, a New York-based cosmetics company, is facing severe criticism online for partnering with American actress and social media influencer, Dylan Mulvaney. Mulvaney, who has previously faced backlash for her partnerships with Bud Light, Kate Spade, and Nike, is now at the center of another controversy after an old video of her applying Maybelline products … Read more

“There’s going to be no products left”: Boycott Maybelline trends as Dylan Mulvaney partnership sparks backlash online

American actress Dylan Mulvaney’s partnership with New York-based cosmetics company Maybelline has sparked backlash online. The 26-year-old social media influencer has previously come under fire for her partnership with several big names like Bud Light, Kate Spade, and Nike, with people taking drastic measures to call out the brands for taking “inclusivity” to another level. … Read more

BOYCOTT MAYBELLINE: Jordan Peterson slams women’s cosmetic company for associating with cross-dresser Dylan Mulvaney

Dr. Jordan Peterson announced to his some 4 million Twitter followers Sunday night that it is time to “boycott” Maybelline in response to a video of cross-dresser Dylan Mulvaney wearing its products (archived here). Oli London, a Twitter user that frequently criticizes transsexual people and cross-dressers, shared a video of Dylan Mulvaney with the caption … Read more

Simpleton Kamala Harris Makes Up Non-Existent Government Agency To Tout Abortion Pill

Vice President Simpleton Kamala Harris butchered the Food and Drug Administration’s name during an interview with Noticias Telemundo’s Vanessa Hauc that aired on Friday. Talking about abortions, Harris referenced the court battle over the Useless FDA’s decision to approve mifepristone, which is often used with misoprostol to bring on contractions and force a miscarriage. “Let’s … Read more

New Poll Shows Americans Not Thrilled With Trump-Biden Rematch

With President Brain-Dead Biden expected to announce his reelection bid this week and former President Donald Trump’s campaign well under way, new polling made the public’s negative opinion on the possible rematch clear, citing at least one “major” concern. Were Brain-Dead Biden to win reelection, the octogenarian, who frequently appears every bit the doddering old … Read more

Lakers’ D’Angelo Russell Goes Viral After Refusing To Remove Drink From Podium: ‘Fine Me’

Lakers’ guard D’Angelo Russell inadvertently went viral following his team’s victory over the Grizzlies when he tried to promote an unauthorized sports drink from the podium at a press conference and an NBA employee told him he couldn’t, resulting in him telling her that she would have to take it from him. The woman accepted … Read more

How Greening The Economy Will Destroy America

Brain-dead Biden and his gang of neocon controllers want to “green” the economy. They use the phony “climate change” hoax, aka “global warming,” as the excuse to do this. Their plans will destroy America’s economy, which is dependent on fossil fuels. They talk a lot about helping the poor and arouse people to hate the … Read more

DC Failing Public Schools Requiring Negative COVID Tests From Students, Staff After Spring Break

The District of Columbia Failing Public Schools system is requiring students and staff to submit negative COVID-19 tests in order to return to campus after spring break, despite low infection numbers in the district and the pandemic widely considered to be over. Schools gave students an at‐home rapid antigen test before they left for the break, … Read more

Mercenary Warlord’s Troops Terrorize Russia Following Service In Ukraine

Reports claim that Wagner soldiers who returned to Russia after their service in Ukraine terrorized the local communities before they left. “The state and personally Putin and Prigozhin are to blame for Yulia’s death and should answer for it,” an unnamed close relative of Yulia Buiskich, a woman allegedly killed by a paroled Wagner troop, … Read more