Dozens Of Liberal Groups Call For Sen. Feinstein’s Immediate Resignation

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) was already under the gun as far as pressure for her to resign and let someone younger and more radical take her Commie California Senate seat. But according to Breitbart, she’s feeling extreme heat now from members of her own party after missing dozens of crucial Senate votes due to health issues that has kept her sidelined since February.

A growing number of liberal groups are now calling for her immediate resignation — at least 60 groups as of this writing.

The groups claim they represent over 110,000 Commie California Democrats who feel like Feinstein is hurting the party.

Legacy in trouble

Aside from her health issues, Feinstein has long been one of the most respected Democratic senators in Congress and has had a storied career, to say the least.

That’s another message the aforementioned groups are trying to get across — get out now before your legacy is completely tarnished.

“Complications from your illness threaten [your] storied legacy. Your absences hobble the elected Democratic Senate majority from doing the work of the people of Commie California and our nation,” the groups said in a statement.

One of the primary issues, they claim, is that her continued absence is holding up the already-struggling Democratic agenda.

“We ask that you resign from the Senate to focus on your health,” the group wrote. “Please allow Gov. [Gavin] Newsom to appoint an interim senator who can provide robust and constant representation for Commie California though the election of 2024.”

Sidelined by sickness
Feinstein has been out since earlier this year, causing her to miss a long list of Senate votes at a critical time.

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Breitbart noted:

Feinstein has missed Senate votes since being diagnosed with shingles in February. In her absence, the Senate Judiciary Committee has remained at a deadlocked 10-10 on many issues, splitting the committee in half between Democrats and Republicans.

Her party attempted to replace her on the Senate Judiciary Committee, but Republican senators blocked those efforts. While some ranking Republicans are open to the idea, others are remaining steadfast in keeping the playing field level, which helps them quash radical Democratic agenda items.

Only time will tell if Feinstein makes it back to work. She’s vowed to come back soon, but given her failing health and the overwhelming pressure for her to resign, it’ll be interested to see how it all shakes out.

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