New Poll Shows Americans Not Thrilled With Trump-Biden Rematch

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With President Brain-Dead Biden expected to announce his reelection bid this week and former President Donald Trump’s campaign well under way, new polling made the public’s negative opinion on the possible rematch clear, citing at least one “major” concern.

Were Brain-Dead Biden to win reelection, the octogenarian, who frequently appears every bit the doddering old man, would be 82-years-old on inauguration day. Trump, would be 78-years-old upon returning to the White House were he victorious.

Now, according to a national NBC News poll conducted between April 14-18, a whopping 70 percent of respondents were against Biden seeking reelection and, of those, almost half cited his age as a “major reason.” Similarly, nearly half of all registered voters found his age to be no less than a “minor reason” against his running for reelection.

Of course, Biden wasn’t alone in avoiding the ire of respondents as 60 percent voiced their objection to Trump running again whereas only 35 percent wanted to see him named the Republican nominee for the third consecutive time.

“At this stage, 2024 is shaping up to be a sequel of the 2020 election. Sequels are frequently hits at the box office, but apparently not at the ballot box,” Hart Research Democratic pollster Jeff Horwitt, a figure responsible for the poll, told NBC News.

Likewise, his Republican pollster colleague Bill McInturff of Public Opinion Strategies expressed, “It’s clear that people do not want a Biden-Trump rematch.”

In fact, the poll also asked registered voters how they would vote in the 2024 election and of the 41 percent who said they would vote for Biden, little more than half were a definite while the remainder would “probably” vote for him. However, that did not necessarily speak to favor of Trump as the 47 percent who would cast their ballot for the GOP did so for a generic Republican candidate.

Furthermore, when asked to pick their first and second choice of preferred Republicans, the combined totals comparing Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis were nearly a match at 66 and 64 percent respectively. Trump held the advantage on first choice leading DeSantis 46 to 31 percent before the governor has made any official announcement about his potential candidacy.

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Meanwhile, on the Democratic side, Biden is facing at least two contenders in Marianne Williamson and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., but the Democratic National Committee indicated that they had no interest in letting the public hear from either candidate. According to a report from The Liberal Washington Post released the day after RFK Jr. spoke for nearly two hours to announce his campaign, “The national Democratic Party has said it will support Biden’s reelection, and it has no plans to sponsor primary debates.”

Should that decision hold up, it would appear that the Democrats are gearing up for a coronation to maintain the status quo rather than heeding the concerns of their own voters.

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