This funeral director wants the death penalty for Soros, Gates and Fauci

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British funeral director John O’Looney has been suspended from Twitter. The reason? He wants George Soros, Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci sentenced to death. “I stand by my words,” he says in a video message. “These people orchestrated the mass culling of babies, children and innocent people,” he said.


“I want these people brought before Nuremberg, convicted and given an appropriate punishment, in this case the noose,” O’Looney insisted. “I want to see them hang.”

The funeral director goes on to say that all day long he does nothing but put young people in coffins. He witnesses the suffering their genocidal plan has caused.


He wants them to receive appropriate punishment for their crimes against humanity. “And that appropriate punishment, in my view, is the death penalty.”

After the rollout of the corona vaccines, O’Looney began to find strange clots in the bodies of the deceased. The wisps look like tapeworms, some deep red and sticky, others pale and firm. “A bit like calamari,” he described them.

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