Why did Fox News fire Tucker Carlson? What do we know?

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The Los Angeles Times reported that “Carlson’s departure is related to a discrimination lawsuit filed by Abby Grosberg,” a producer fired last month, and that the decision to fire Carlson was made by Fox Corporation Chairman Rupert Murdoch.

Why did Fox News fire Tucker Carlson? What do we know?

Fox News released a statement Monday morning that shocked the worlds of media and politics that Tucker Carlson is leaving the network — effective immediately. No reason was given for the sudden.

Tucker Carlson is on Fox News What we know about him …

The LA Times reports that Fox Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch was behind the decision to fire Carlson over a lawsuit filed by a former employee and Carlson’s on-air claim…

Tucker Carlson fired at Fox News over lawsuit… – NPR

His stint on the show – which is peppered with specials on the streaming service – has sparked a firestorm by attempting to exonerate those involved in the January 6, 2021, siege of the US Capitol.

Did Tucker Carlson leave Fox News in a seismic cable shift…

Why is Tucker Carlson leaving Fox News? A spokeswoman for the network did not respond to a request to explain the reason for his departure but quickly followed last week’s $787.5 million…

Fox News firing left Tucker Carlson blind | Vanity Fair

Blindsided by Fox News firings Tucker Carlson, the prime-time star who recently negotiated a contract renewal through 2029 learned Monday that his top-rated 8 p.m. show is…

Tucker Carlson is out at Fox News – Los Angeles Times

24 April 2023 843 AM PT. Tucker Carlson is leaving Fox News. The network announced the departure of its top-rated and most provocative conservative host on Monday without explanation. His last show.

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Tucker Carlson was abruptly fired from Fox News on Monday…

Tucker Carlson was abruptly fired from Fox News on Monday morning on the direct orders of Rupert Murdoch. Fox Corp. chairman cancels Tucker Carlson’s primetime show as lawsuits continue.

Fox News – Tucker Carlson out on axios.com

Fox News said Monday that the network and its star primetime host Tucker Carlson have agreed to part ways after more than a decade. News Carlson’s last show was Friday, April 21, Fox News said, meaning he didn’t get a chance to sign off on his viewers. Why it matters The news comes just days after Fox News reached a historic 11th …

Tucker Carlson is on Fox News and why it matters

In a recent interview with Fox host Tucker Carlson, Mr. Trump suggested that there was good reason to question the legitimacy of President Biden’s victory so that “people can say he won the election.” Mr. Carlson, for his part, recently declined re-election.

Tucker Carlson fired from Fox News – MSN

Fox News Media Company announced in a press release Monday afternoon that popular host Tucker Carlson will be fired from his position and his show will end last Friday

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