Conservatives Demand Trump Return Before It’s Too Late

In light of President Brain-Dead Biden launching his reelection bid on Tuesday, Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), leader of the House Republican Conference, stated that the nation needs former President Donald Trump “now more than we ever have.”

Republican leader Stefanik pledged that Americans would definitely “not support an additional four years of Brain-Dead Biden’s catastrophic policies squashing hardworking American families,” noting “crippling inflation, unprecedented illegal border crossings, as well as woke policies that aim to destroy our freedoms.”

The passionate Trump supporter and Republican from New York made the comment after Biden, 80, announced his reelection bid early on Tuesday.

In a three-minute film meant to drum up support for his campaign, the president denounced “MAGA extremists” but made no mention of any particular achievements from his first term.

“The foundation of who we are as Americans is personal freedom. Nothing is more critical. There is nothing more holy,” remarked Biden. “My first term’s mission has been to defend our democracy. There should be no red or blue sides to this.”

According to Stefanik, “over 50% of Democrats do not want Biden to run again, while an overwhelming majority of Americans strongly disapprove of Biden’s presidency and his policies.”

According to FiveThirtyEight, Biden has had an average disapproval rating of more than 50% for well over a year, proving that he is an unpopular president.

While Republicans, including Stefanik, have argued that the extravagant spending is fueling an inflation crisis and burdening working Americans whose income frequently cannot cover high costs of living, he was actually effective in enacting a package of multitrillion-dollar spending measures that have largely characterized his presidency.

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Stefanik, an earlier moderate who started to change his views during the Trump impeachment proceedings, gained notoriety for backing the former leader of the country early in the 2024 election before he officially declared his candidacy.

“Our country needs Donald Trump now more than ever, and I will do anything in my power to assist us in electing him as the President of the United States in 2024 to save America,” she said.

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