Love Island’s Jessie Wynter addresses baby rumours

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Just as winter Love Island 2023 finalists Samie Elishi and Tom Clare announce their split, everybody’s favourite Aussie bombshell, Jessie Wynter finds herself chatting about a certain baby rumour and we all kinds of confused.

Jessie and her boyfriend Farmer Will aka Will Young just missed out on making it to the final four as they were booted off on the show on day 56, after receiving the fewest public votes. But since leaving the villa the couple have gone from strength to strength and are currently staying at Will’s farm in Buckinghamshire.

Jessie took time out from feeding the baby lambs and life on the farm to reveal that not only are her and Will heading over to Australia to see her fam any day now but that she does NOT have a secret baby.

During an interview with Cosmopolitan, she was asked the weirdest rumour she’d heard about herself and we have to say we did NOT see it coming.

“The weirdest rumour I have heard about myself is that my baby sister, who is two years old, is my baby,” she admitted.

A sorry what and who now? We all know Jessie has a younger sister as she made an appearance on Love Island during the meet the family episode. She has also posted a few pics of her brother but we didn’t know she had a baby sister and it turns out people seem to think the little one is Jessie’s.

The Australian Islander continued the bizarre story, “The rumour is that I moved back to Tasmania to give birth to the child and then pretend it was my mums.

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“But it’s my sister, I promise,” Jessie added, “I haven’t had a kid.”

This sounds like some sub-plot of EastEnders and we are here for it.

We believe you Jessie, in between taking part in Love Island Australia and Love Island UK and now becoming a full-time farmers wife, we’re not sure how she would have even found the time to have a baby. Not to mention the whole nine month pregnancy period you can’t really hide. Especially in a bikini.

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