REPORT: Migrant Girl Raped by 67 Men

Daily Report USA

This is one of the MOST vile reports that I have heard relating to our nation’s border crisis. And what is the Biden administration doing about it?

Women and girls are viewed as merely objects (political pawns) by the Democrats, who are unwilling to secure our borders.

Former Republican congressional candidate Jeff Zink said recently that he and a crew encountered an 8-year old illegal alien girl who had the DNA traces of 67 other people inside her. Zink said they encountered Border Patrol who told them drug cartel members were in the area and had executed the husbands of women Border Patrol were trying to track. They eventually encountered the women and children. A doctor advised Zink after examination that like thousands of other children who are trafficked into the United States, evidence revealed that this 8-year-old girl had been raped by at least 67 different men. This abuse is directly attributable to the border crisis, exacerbated and overlooked by Biden administration policies. Drug cartels are murdering and raping women and children and facing no consequences because Democrats continue to promote and support open borders.

According to an HHS whistleblower who spoke to Project Veritas in November, the Biden administration knowingly places migrant kids with traffickers. Our government (with taxpayer dollars) is funding child abuse.

Who will be held accountable?

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