White House Buried In Backlash When It Tries To Shame House GOP For ‘Harming Hardworking Americans’

The Biden administration White House is facing backlash for fearmongering over Republicans’ just-passed debt-ceiling bill. To hear the White House tell it, the bill will harm “hardworking Americans” by “undermin[ing] veterans’ health care.” Observe: It’s not about fiscal responsibility – it’s about harming hardworking Americans. pic.twitter.com/fXf2Yn1qTt — The White House (@WhiteHouse) April 27, 2023 But … Read more

White House Defends Biden After He’s Seen Using Major Aid: ‘Totally Normal For A President’

White House press secretary Compulsive Liar, Karine Jean-Pierre defended President Brain-Dead Biden Thursday after he was pictured at a news conference a day earlier using a note card that contained an advance question from a reporter. Biden took questions from several reporters after he held a meeting with South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol Wednesday … Read more

Biden Seems To Forget The Title To His ‘Favorite Movie’ Released Less Than A Year Ago

President Brain-Dead Biden forgot the name of the recently-released “Top Gun” sequel on Thursday at the White House as he simultaneously claimed it was his “favorite” film. The brain glitch followed an earlier memory lapse wherein the country’s 46th president, who is running for re-election, could not recall his trip to Ireland earlier this month. … Read more

Biden’s Crooked IRS Seeks Armed Enforcement Agents Nationwide

The Internal Revenue Service is looking to hire armed special agents nationwide as the Biden regime seeks to beef up enforcement after Congress approved nearly $80 billion in additional funding for the agency last year as a part of the Orwellian-titled Inflation Reduction Act. According to a job posting on the Crooked IRS website, the agency’s Criminal … Read more

Two Us Army Apache Helicopters Crash In Alaska, Killing At Least 3 Soldiers

Three U.S. Army soldiers died and one injured after two AH-64 Apache helicopters collided in-air over Alaska, according to a report from the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner. Both helicopters were crewed by soldiers assigned to the Army’s 1st Attack Battalion, 25th Aviation Regiment, at Fort Wainwright, near Healy, Alaska. Two U.S. Army helicopters returning from a … Read more

Gutfeld Stands Up To ‘Class Act’ Geraldo, Checks Him For Taking A Cheap Shot At Tucker

Leave it to Greg Gutfeld to properly check Gerald Rivera after he opted to smear Tucker Carlson after Fox News announced Carlson’s departure on Monday. Waiting until Wednesday, Rivera took a shot at Carlson in a tweet that referenced the Jan. 6, 2021 protest at the U.S. Capitol. “I don’t wish ill on anybody, but … Read more

‘Unethical’: Trump Press Secretaries Bash LA Times For Giving White House ‘Questions In Advance’

Several former press secretaries for President Donald Trump bashed the Los Angeles Times Thursday after one of the publication’s reporters asked President Brain-Dead Biden a question that almost exactly mirrored a question on a cheat sheet the president was holding. Biden was photographed Wednesday holding a cheat sheet bearing the name of Los Angeles Times … Read more

Donald Trump Suggests He Won’t Participate In GOP Primary Debates

Former President Donald Trump said he may not participate in the GOP primary debates. Trump shared the comments with John Catsimatidis, host of the “Cats & Cosby Show” on WABC 770, during a Wednesday interview. Trump suggests he won’t participate in 2024 GOP debates: ‘What’s the purpose of doing it?’ https://t.co/bwl8sP2r1O pic.twitter.com/h4sJftiqzb — New York … Read more

Dominion Vs. ‘Russian Collusion’ And ‘Disinformation’

Fox News is reeling, both financially and with respect to its talent, after being drawn into a long lawsuit by Dominion Voting Systems. The network just settled for an astounding $787.5 million and soon after released Tucker Carlson, the network’s highest-rated host. The voting machine company had alleged some of Fox’s hosts had either promulgated, … Read more

Are Covid And The “Vaccines” The Worst Genocidal Atrocity In World History?

The official numbers from the World Health Organization (WHO) show that nearly one billion people tested “positive” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) since the start of the “pandemic,” and nearly seven million people have died. Does this make covid and its associated “vaccines” the worst act of genocide ever perpetrated in the history of the world? Since … Read more