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judy Note the next time you are forced to make a decision about which path to take, remember that Satan rules his world with fear, while God rules his universe with love. A thought the devil saw me with my head down and thought he’d won until I said Amen. It’s interesting that the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine was produced in 2018, while the man made COVID-19 outbreak occurred a year later in 2019. In Big Pharma, Obama and Fauci made big bucks off of both chemical World War Three heating up in Ukraine. A source within British intelligence has confirmed to me personally that thousands of rounds of tank shells were shipped to Ukraine as supplies for donated Challenger tanks donated to Ukraine.

Among those thousands of tank shells are depleted uranium shells. Russia has repeatedly and explicitly made clear. That if depleted uranium shells are fired. At Russian troops, russia will regard the use of the ammunition as being a dirty bomb attack against Russia and will respond with radioactive weapons of its own. Sudan Lab at biological risk gitmo suspends tribunals amid security concerns massive mobilization of prisoners to Guam gitmo reduced to 30 prisoners FBI admits 40 undercover agents infiltrated crowds on January 6-U-K. Prime Minister Winston Churchill became a mastermason in 1902. US. President Franklin Roosevelt became a mastermason in 1911. In order to become a mastermason, you are required to honor Satan by passing through the Masonic Royal Architect, the Masonic ceremony that turns white rights to black rights, where you have a sexual orgy with children that culminates in performing a child sacrifice.

The same ceremony that Queen Elizabeth went through, where she killed a baby before she was crowned Queen according to Satanic ritual abuse survivors who were made to participate in the rite as children at a military base in Australia. Which makes one wonder what is planned? Just prior to the UK coronation of Prince Charles on Saturday, May 6, 2023, a former IRS agent claimed that income taxes voluntarily and if enforced, is technically illegal. CGI’s apocalypse watch E 103 fox News follows the CNN downward spiral. No more truth from Fox News. Obama resettled 70,000 Somalia refugees in Minnesota no under Ilhan Omar was elected. It was planned. BlackRock is a major shareholder in both Fox and Dominion. BlackRock increased its position in Fox ahead of Tucker’s departure. Not a smart move since Fox lost over a million viewers right after carlson’s firing. The matrix of underground tunnels and dums.

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Across the globe have been used by. The Cabal for their gun, drugs and child sex trafficking, oregon and adrenochrome harvesting ring. There are major tunnel systems beneath Manhattan Island, New York. One runs from a building owned by. The Clintons to the New York Harbor. A global currency Reset It appeared that all requirements for the global currency reset have been met and assumed that Tier Four B US the Internet Group could go at any time. Wednesday 26 April March the Trade Bank of Iraq has said that foreign transfer can be made through Central Bank branches. That means they can now make foreign. Transfers to all countries of the world through accounts opened in Iraqi dinars and they are fully international. Now that Iraq is international, they can actually process exchanges. This is huge news today. I have been waiting for news to. Start coming out on the bond side.

By Thursday 27 April. Bankers are ready right now. On Point Bank has a sign stating that they have a system update from Friday 28 of April to Monday 1 May with limited account access. Last Saturday, bond people paymasters and group leaders were being told to be in. Place by Thursday 27 April. A stock market crash was projected on Friday. Redemption center folks were told they only had a few days and then would be working full time for a couple of weeks. The bank of International Settlements, swiss Central Bank and US. Federal Reserve gold vaults were empty. Banks were closing across the planet. The Cabal’s Fiat US dollar was only good for the next three months in the US, Canada and Mexico. Most all other countries were refusing to trade with the Fiat federal dollar. The Iraqi denar revalued in country on 29 March and began trading internationally on the back screens of the forex as a gold asset backed currency. It was said that the global currency reset would go liquid for the general public following a stock market crash and the stock market was said set to.

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Crash on Friday 28 of April. Redemption staff have been notified to come into work full time for a couple of weeks. Starting on Thursday 27 April. Trading of First Republic Bank stock halted after plunging another 32% on Wednesday 26 of April. The Yawn has taken over the US dollar to be the most used currency in China. Trade be restored Republic help save our beloved Constitution that is hanging by a thread. On Tuesday, April 25, 2023, the Supreme Court docketed the loyal Arlen Brunson case. Number 22 to 1029. The 388 defendants, 385 members of Congress plus Joseph Biden, Kamala Harris and Mike Pence equals 388. Total response is due by May 24, 2023. The Brunson case alleged that 385 members of Congress plus Biden, Harris and Pence violated their oath of office to protect the Constitution and committed treason by not investigating. 50 formally presented allegations of fraud in the 2020 election. If SCOTUS ruled that Congress did not.

Investigate the 50 allegations of fraud in. The 2020 election, before certifying the election, which they did not, and therefore violated their oath of office, then the Biden Administration and all of Congress could automatically be suspended. See international child sex trafficking, organ and adrenochrome harvesting ring child Sex Abuse ring king pin Gerhard Ackerman found guilty of over 700 charges, including rape, attempted kidnapping, sexual exploitation, sexual grooming and possession of child pornography. Djan Six Insurrection FBI admits 40 undercover agents infiltrated crowds on January 6. E COVID, monkey pox ebola AIDS polio drug vacci. The AstraZeneca COVID vaccine was produced in 2018. The men made COVID-19 outbreak occurred in 2019. Big Pharma Obama and Fauci made big bucks off of both. Video mRNA shots are electromagnetic devices. Nanoparticles in vacs kill cells via electromagnetism.

Bill Gates told G 20 world leaders. That death panels will soon be required. Vaccinations were the biggest medical fraud in history. One of the worst smallpox epidemics took place in England between 1870 and 1872, nearly two decades after compulsory vaccination was introduced. Lester, with nearly 200,000 inhabitants, boasted a 95% vaccination record, but it suffered more deaths than less vaccinated. London faced with this obvious evidence of the uselessness of vaccination, leicester’s citizens rejected the program in favor of cleaning up the city. Under the leadership of James Briggs, town councilor and sanitary inspector, clean streets, clean markets and dairies efficient garbage removal, sanitary housing and pure water supply replaced vaccination. Scours in 1892 to three. Leicester had 19.3 cases of smallpox per 10,000 population. Similar sized Warrington with 99.2% vaccinated, had 123.3 cases. In Japan, in 1880, 513 years after compulsory vaccination, a law was passed requiring revaccination every seven years. From 1886 to 1892, a total of 25 474 370 revaccinations were recorded.

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Yet during this same period, Japan had 156 175 cases of smallpox, with 38 979 deaths, a case mortality of nearly 25%. Slow learners. The government passed another act requiring every. Resident to be vaccinated and revaccinated every. Five years between 1889 to 19 eight. The case mortality was 30%. Prior to vaccination, the case mortality was about 10%. During a ruthless campaign by the US and the Philippines in 1905, the native population were forcibly vaccinated several times in 1918 to 1919, with over 95% of the population vaccinated, the worst epidemic the Philippines had ever known occurred. In the Congressional Record of December 21, 937, William Howard Hay, M. D. Said the Philippines suffered the worst attack of smallpox, the worst epidemic, three times over that had ever occurred in the history of the islands, and it was almost three times as fatal. The death rate ran as high as 60% in certain areas where formerly it had been ten to 15%. Canada, 1919 stop the slaughter of innocence. The Anti Vaccination Movement in 1919 20th century Duran.

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